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Necessary Aspects about Prescription Eyeglasses You Need Know

May 24th, 2011

Eyeglasses have played an important role in improving people’s vision. The invention of rx glasses is revolutionary. Eyeglasses use the same principle that the human lens uses and they work by augmenting the lens function. In the common situation, vision problems are divided into 3 sorts: nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Nearsightedness makes you unable to focus on distant objects, while farsightedness makes you see near objects unclearly. Astigmatism causes images to be distorted. Nowadays, more and more people begin to wear glasses to deal with these problems. Read on the following artless and you will know the processing steps of making rx glasses.

The first step is to determine the correct prescription. The glasses start off as lens blanks that have a flat back surface and a curved front surface. The opticians put the lens blank into a machine. The lens blank will be grinded in to a required curve. The grinding process requires accurate prescription in order to ensure that the prescription of glasses is the same as the required prescription.

After the lenses are ground, they are going to be edged to fit the frame. At this moment, glasses may be tinted or coated for UV protection by inserting them into a tinting solution. Later, opticians may either heat or treat lens with chemicals to make them flexible in order to insert the lenses into frame. At last, the prescription will be double checked by opticians so you don’t need worry about the prescription will not be accurate. Finally glasses are cleaned and packaged and prescription glasses take shape.

Necessary consideration while buying rx glasses

Face shape: it is of importance to take your face shape into consideration. If you are worried about whether the glasses fit you or not, you can try virtual try-on system than will help you find suitable frames.

Lenses material: lenses are one important part of glasses. You will feel very comfortable if you choose lightweight lenses material such as polycarbonate lenses. So make full consideration to choose the right lenses material.

Top 2 Must-have Eyewear for 2011 summer

May 12th, 2011

Plastic glasses Fashion for glasses is just as important as fashion for clothes. In the present time, plastic glasses are so much popular among people of all ages, especially a lot of fashion-forward girls who have been interested in it. They are available in men, women and unisex types. Some common people have at least one pair of plastic glasses, and even celebrities make the latest fashion statement by wearing them. If you are worried about the lenses of plastic glasses will hurt your normal vision, you can still be cool with plastic glasses without lenses. It is interesting to wear glasses without lenses that still make you stand out. Besides, you can wear different plastic glasses with various styles. For example, unisex glasses drew much attention from fashionista.

Sunglasses-Sunglasses are also another necessary item. It is not only a protective tool but also a fashionable decoration. It is of great importance to help people prevent harmful UV rays and make a fashion statement. There is a wide range of sunglasses on the market. Among these sunglasses, wraparound sunglasses are an ideal choice due to its advantages and special designs. Compared with other sunglasses, it offers better protection against intensive UV rays becomes it can prevent sun rays from all angles: the frontal and the sides. With stylish color and style, wearing wraparound sunglasses is also a way to get attention. Moreover, it is helpful for people who suffer vision problems. They can protect their delicate eyes and look gorgeous with the help of wraparound prescription sunglasses.

Mixed Materials SunglassesMetal SunglassesPlastic SunglassesPlastic Sunglasses

Generally speaking, eyewear has played an important role in our daily life. Plastic glasses and sunglasses are great items that protect us and enhance our outfits. Have you prepared plastic glasses and sunglasses to enjoy life? Hurry up!

Five Tips for Eyeglasses Wearers to Make Up

March 24th, 2011

1. Enlarge your eyes with an eyeliner
Myopic lens will narrow the eyes and make the eyeball convex, so the skill for making up eyes is particularly important. The key to this process is to enlarge the eyes and dilute the convex, hence eyeliner plays an very important role at this moment.

2. Draw thick eye lines

No matter you have single or double eyelid, the most useful tools to enlarge your eyes are relatively thick eye line and dense and curly eyelash. You can try to use liquid or soft-cartridge eye liner to draw your eye lines from the root of the eyelash because dark, dense and thick lines will enlarge the eyes to some extent.

3. Choose eye shadows with similar colors

Rich-colored eye shadow will influence the image of eyes, so coffee and brown should be the safest choice. During making up, you can use dark brown eye shadow at the edge of your upper eyelid, and then shift to the part under the eyebrow gradually. It is better to enlarge your eyes by using eye shadows of similar colors from dark to light.

4. Curl your eyelash after applying the mascara

Eyelash curler is a magic key for myopic beauties to enlarge their eyes. Before applying the mascara, you must curl your eyelash from its root with an eyelash curler. After applying the mascara, curl the eyelash once again. Then you can see the eyelash become curly.

5. Use fog lipsticks

As eyeglasses frame already gives us a strong impression, the lip should not be modified too much. In such case, fog lipsticks are much better than intensive lip glosses. Light pink, orange and other such moist lip colors are most suitable for eyeglasses wearers.

Brief Introduction of the Top 10 Global Eyeglasses Brands

March 21st, 2011

1.      Prada

Prada owns the patented eyeglasses legs which can be bended to obtain the maximum comfort. Its reversed design, flat, light and bright steel material and the asymmetric joint between the lens surface and frame create a feature of light weight.

2.      OAKLEY

OAKLEY integrates the comfort, practicability and artistry of the eyglasses into a whole. Both the product design and material adopted have passed through a series of advanced scientific experiments and test, so as to ensure the comfort and high quality, as well as perfectly combine the function and fashion.


JUDITH LEIBER which is a famous Hungary brand is popular for its innovative and ingenious handbags. In fact, Judith Leiber the designer of this brand had launched the sunglasses collection at 1946. The design concept is just originated from the handbags.


DONNA KARAN is the endsville international brand in U.S.A at present. It pursues fashion and personal tastes, which is the optimum choice for people who want to show their maturity and modernity.


YVESSAINT LAURENT eyeglasses take the design inspirations from Saint Laurent who is the founder of YVESSAINT LAURENT, integrating the multi-elements of art and culture into the eyeglasses design. This collection of eyewear is with soft lines, modern styles and gorgeous colors, which reflect the maturity and moderation.

6.      DKNY

DKNY is established by a woman who has a gentle face. Her eyeglasses are trendy and exquisite; the cool metal and unique plastic which are mainly in black conform to the human engineering.


LOUIS VUITTON has ever launched functional sunshades of which the lens is antifrog, with high index of UV protection and high nose pad. In addition, the sunglasses frame is light in weight, so it will float on the surface even if it falls into the water. The reason why LV eyewear is so expensive is because of its faint monogram other than its reputation and handmade process.

8.      CHANEL

Each model of CHANEL sunglasses is made from highly hard and corrosion resistant technical plastic that is not easy to distort. The lenses are made of UV 400 resin which can thoroughly filter the UV light from the sun, thus to care the eyes of every wearer.

9.      DIOR

DIOR eyewear has various styles and colors for the wearers to choose from. Its changeful and exaggerated patterns reflect the fashion trend and personality. Moreover, its simple design and exclusive wild nature attract a large number of people.


CATTIER sunglasses adopt the scientific plastic, which shows the nobility and uniqueness of the women. Its metal glasses frames adopt high nickel alloy featuring good flexibility, high hardness, secure welded point and good durability.

How Often Should Eyeglasses be Replaced?

March 20th, 2011

Many people will not replace their eyeglasses until they are broken or cannot be used anymore. The latest large-scale investigation indicates that 29.2% of the consumers of resin lens replace eyeglasses every three or more years; while 36.4% of them will not change their eyeglasses until they are broken. In fact, if the service time of the lenses exceeds its service life our nearsightedness may be aggravated, which is, however, ignored by most of the eyeglasses wearers. In view of this, I have some suggestions for you.

The common nearsighted people should replace their eyeglasses once a year. This change includes adjusting the lenses degrees and updating the eyeglasses. As we know, the optical corrective performance of the lens will be significantly affected once there are scratches on its surface. Therefore, the eyeglasses should be maintained and inspected regularly; moreover, they should be replaced immediately so as to keep them in a good working condition.

For the youngsters whose degrees vary fast, they had better replace their eyeglasses once half a year or a year. The myopia of the teenagers is more likely to be deepened as they usually need to see near objects for a long time. The teenagers whose eyes are overused need to have an optometry once half a year. If the eyeglasses are proved to be not suitable for the diopter variation they should be replaced at once.

Here I want to emphasize that the teenagers should have a mydriatic optometry before they replace their eyeglasses. The optometry should not be conducted carelessly and the eyeglasses should be matched strictly according to the prescription made by the formal hospitals. Apart from subjective optometry, mydriatic optometry should also be applied. The regulatory function of the teenagers’ musculus ocularis is too strong that the mydriatic optometry can be used to know their real refraction and dipoters. In addition, the diopter of the lenses should be consistent with that stated on the optometry list. If the deviation exceeds the national standard, the development of myopia or presbyopia will be quickened.

It is not Easy to Operate a Retail Eyeglasses Frames Store

March 3rd, 2011

I have an eyeglasses store which was established in 2009. Although this is a retail store but all of my eyeglasses are sold at wholesale prices. That is to say, I am selling wholesale eyeglass frames. Viewing the past 2 years of sales, I have drawn a conclusion that it is difficult to operate such an eyeglasses store.

First of all, the customers often doubt the quality of my glasses as they don’t believe that the glasses can be sold at such low prices. For this reason, I always explain to them that all of my products are high-quality wholesale eyeglass frames which are directly from the manufacturers. As there are no resellers between the manufacturers and I, I can offer the glasses at such reasonable prices. Although I can convince a majority of customers to buy glasses at my store, some of them still choose to leave out and go to other glasses stores where the prices are much higher than mine for they think the high-quality things must be expensive. I have tried my best to persuade them but only find that every effort is in vain.

Moreover, the competitors always trouble me since they think I am taking the bread out of their mouths. For instance, they always come to my store for fooling about in the name of customers. They require me to take out numerous pairs of eyeglasses to try on and complain none of my glasses is suitable for them. Even some of them will say my glasses are with poor qualities. But these boring “customers” have never bought eyeglasses eventually. I am fed up with them.

In fact, apart from what I mentioned above, the industrial and commercial bureau has once come to my store for an investigation. Later I knew that I was reported by someone who was ill-disposed since he thought I was selling fakes. I felt being treated unjustly at that time. Fortunately, I was proved to be innocent finally.

Now I am hesitating whether I should continue selling the wholesale eyeglass frames or raise the prices to make others believe that I am selling authentic glasses. Hope someone can do me a favor.

An Interesting Eyeglasses Deal

February 27th, 2011

I was attracted by a piece of interesting news when I was surfing the internet today. It said there were several men peddling clairvoyant glasses to the passerby on the street, with billboards in their hands. After knowing this, a journalist intended to counsel with the peddlers about the clairvoyant glasses as a buyer.

When the journalist asked one of the peddlers why he sold such high-tech eyeglasses on the street the peddler answered, “Clairvoyant glasses are banning products, so any deals related to them can only be done by telephone instead of at the counters.” The journalist was very surprised since he had never heard such interesting eyeglasses deals. Afterwards, the peddler called the seller and agreed to examine the goods at a digital mall. The appearance of the clairvoyant glasses brought by the seller was similar to the common sunglasses. After trying it on, the journalist found that it had the same visual effect with the ordinary sunshades. The seller explained immediately, “It will not work unless you spray such special potion.”

However, when the journalist required the seller to spray the potion on the glasses to check if it really worked, he was told that he must buy the eyeglasses by paying $1,200 before trying the potion. The journalist was not satisfied and about to leave. The seller told him there was another kind of infrared clairvoyant camera which could penetrate the clothes of the women, so as to photograph their bodies surreptitiously. But the price of such cameras was more than $10,000.

The experts indicate that the wave length of the infrared light is longer than that of the visible light, therefore, by using the infrared light filtering device, the clothes will become translucent and the body will seem to be naked. But it is illegal to do this. The clairvoyant glasses sold by the peddlers are not supported by any scientific evidence; hence the so-called clairvoyant glasses are all deceptious.

Be Cautious When Doing Business

February 24th, 2011

Duqiao located in Zhejiang province is famous for producing eyeglasses, so there are numerous eyeglasses factories. At the beginning of the last year, a man who called himself “boss” placed a big order in an eyeglasses factory in Duqiao. The manufacturer was very glad and delivered his goods priced 400,000 Yuan on time.

However, when it was the time for paying, the “boss” delayed again and again. Then the eyeglasses manufacturer recognized that he was cheated. So he reported it to the police immediately. At the same time, the “boss” placed an order of more than 800,000 Yuan at another eyeglasses factory in Duqiao in the name of the “boss” of a business corporation. But he was arrested by the police finally.

Through further investigation, the police find that this man is from Hubei province and is not a boss at all. He has just been an employee in an eyeglasses factory and familiar with the eyeglasses industry. Therefore, when talking about eyeglasses he can speak out freely and convince his partner that he is indeed capable of doing this business successfully. That’s why he can cheat the partner unconsciously.

Here, I want to remind all business owners to be cautious if you are encountered with such a thing, especially about placing an order. It is important to know more information about your partner. In fact, after knowing the details, you will find that there are some suspicions. If you are careful enough, I don’t think you will be cheated so easily.

Replacing Eyeglasses Nose Pads is just a Piece of Cake!

February 16th, 2011

A pair of quality eye wear is usually at high prices. Sometimes it is inevitable to have them damaged in some parts. If just because of the small flaws on them, you have to get another new pair, it is really a waste of money. If you know how to replace them, it will give you great help in protecting. This article tells how to replace eyeglasses nose pads. I believe it will be of great use for many wearers.

Nose pads are eyeglass accessories that separate the wearer’s nose from the glasses rim; small and hidden between the frame and face. They are usually made in plastic to protect nose from the pressure from frames. It is much more comfort to wear with them. So it is a very important small part in a pair of eye wear.

When we wear glasses, swear residue may cause the nose pad to be dirty and turn yellow or green after a long time. So it is necessary to clean them on a regular basis. Remove nose pads of the glasses and clean them with soft and clean cloth. Scrub them with the mildest soap you have accessible, as extremely strong soaps can strip the eyeglass nose pads of their defensive coatings. Or the dirt on them can’t be cleaned. After you clean them completely, it is time to replace them as usual.

Sometimes, your eyeglasses nose pads may be broken, are you willing to replace them or buy a new one? We all know that a new pair is quite dear. But replacing nose pads only will cost little. They will be as comfortable as a new one. There are some tips in replacing nose pads. Firstly, a clean area is necessary for the tiny things can be found easily. Secondly, remove the old nose pads with a screwdriver. Then, clean your glasses totally. Lastly, replace the new nose pads on the glasses and turn the screw clockwise slowly, or they will be destroyed. Now, you can wear your eyeglasses now!

Actually, it is difficult to replace the eyeglasses nose pads. Some necessary tools are necessary including a piece of soft cloth, screwdriver. So when you face the same problem in the future, you can try to deal with them without spending extra money in optical stores.

Getting to Know Different Types of Eyeglasses Frames

February 10th, 2011

If you go to optical stores for eyeglasses, you may be surprised at so many options available. Just from the aspect of eyeglasses frames only, thousands of choices are within your reach. Perhaps that is one reason why many fashion followers are so fond of purchasing stylish glasses for they can ways of looking. With different stylish eyeglasses, they can become the focus of surrounding.

The materials of eyeglasses frames vary a lot than those in the past time. In the past, the metal and plastic are the main trend on the market. Nowadays, with the rapid growth of the optical industry, many newborn styles come into appearance in public for instance, mixed materials, memory metal, titanium, memory plastic eyeglasses. They are quite common nowadays. These new types are quite hot in eyeglasses wearers.

I take titanium frames as an example. There are many advantages for wearing this kind of glasses. Titanium is a high technology material that offers lighter, more durable eyeglasses than other metal frames. Because of the features of titanium, they are quite lightweight than other kinds. They are durable and stretchable as well. Its non – corrosive properties help eliminate discoloring of the eyeglasses. So many people like to wear them. Correspondingly, the prices of them are not cheap.

The types of eyeglasses frames includes full frame, semi-rimless, rimless, spring hinge and so on. They have their own different features. The full frame eyeglasses are popular among the young. They thought their personality can perfectly expressed with this kind of frames. They can improve their features and achieve fashion look just like Harry Potter.

Semi-rimless frames are quite popular among adults. The top of the frame is thin wire and it is connected to the lens. The bottom half is completely rimless. As fro rimless ones, they have a thin gold or silver wire frame and the lens is completely rimless. They are quite popular with different age groups from male to female, from young to old.

The types of eyeglasses frames are the light spot of the eye wears. Since there are so many options for the wearers to choose from, the eyeglasses wearers are glad to change the frames according to different occasions. If you haven’t seen the scene before, you can go to optical stores and have a look!