Necessary Aspects about Prescription Eyeglasses You Need Know

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Eyeglasses have played an important role in improving people’s vision. The invention of rx glasses is revolutionary. Eyeglasses use the same principle that the human lens uses and they work by augmenting the lens function. In the common situation, vision problems are divided into 3 sorts: nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Nearsightedness makes you unable to focus on distant objects, while farsightedness makes you see near objects unclearly. Astigmatism causes images to be distorted. Nowadays, more and more people begin to wear glasses to deal with these problems. Read on the following artless and you will know the processing steps of making rx glasses.

The first step is to determine the correct prescription. The glasses start off as lens blanks that have a flat back surface and a curved front surface. The opticians put the lens blank into a machine. The lens blank will be grinded in to a required curve. The grinding process requires accurate prescription in order to ensure that the prescription of glasses is the same as the required prescription.

After the lenses are ground, they are going to be edged to fit the frame. At this moment, glasses may be tinted or coated for UV protection by inserting them into a tinting solution. Later, opticians may either heat or treat lens with chemicals to make them flexible in order to insert the lenses into frame. At last, the prescription will be double checked by opticians so you don’t need worry about the prescription will not be accurate. Finally glasses are cleaned and packaged and prescription glasses take shape.

Necessary consideration while buying rx glasses

Face shape: it is of importance to take your face shape into consideration. If you are worried about whether the glasses fit you or not, you can try virtual try-on system than will help you find suitable frames.

Lenses material: lenses are one important part of glasses. You will feel very comfortable if you choose lightweight lenses material such as polycarbonate lenses. So make full consideration to choose the right lenses material.


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