Lenses of Prescription Sunglasses

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Nowadays, prescription sunglasses have attracted more and more people and played an important role in our life. They are specially designed for people with myopia, hyperopia or presbyopia. Prescription sunglasses not only protect users’ eyes but also help them make a fashion statement. So prescription sunglasses are widely used because of their popularity. With the development of technology, we can choose different lenses for our rx sunglasses.

There are sunglasses with bifocal and progressive lenses. This kind of rx sunglasses is suitable for people who suffer presbyopia to deal with near and distant vision problems.

In addition, photochromic lenses are also a popular choice. They will become darker when users stay in the sun and lighter when users go indoors.

Moreover, it is possible to make wrap around sunglasses without distortion by using polycarbonate and high index lenses. Recently, more and more people are likely to purchase wraparound rx sunglasses because these sunglasses with a wrap style can offer better eye protection compared to other sunglasses. They will block out harmful UV rays and glare from all angles: the frontal and the sides. That is to say, harmful rays will have no access to enter into your delicate eyes.

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Beside, polarization is another option you can add to your rx sunglasses in order to filter the light wave, which will reduce more glare that regular sunglasses. Add-ons are useful to improve the quality of your vision in a certain way.

High index lenses are very flat and thin. People who like to chase fashion can choose because these lenses can enhance their look as well as meet their prescription needs.

Generally speaking, wearing sunglasses is an important way to protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet light and developing problems caused by the sun such as cataracts. So many people especially people who like do outside activates have a pair sunglasses with good eye protection in their list of gear. If you can get lenses that wrap around your face, you will get even more protection.


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