Progressive Bifocal Sunglasses can Give People Promising Future

April 15th, 2010 by Edward Turner Leave a reply »

Bifocals are some of the good choices for people with both near vision and far vision problems; progressive glasses are much advanced products; and sunglasses are used for accessories to a larger extent However, only few people have ever to associate any one of them with the other two – bifocal, progressive and sunglasses- each of which has its own characters. Glasses manufacturers and designers, by contrast, have made some of the most outstanding products in the industry- progressive bifocal sunglasses. Those unique sunglasses have attracted the attention of many wearers since they are brought into the market. And the later survey about them also reveals that they are really fabulous.

Progressive bifocal sunglasses, as their names show, are some of the unique bifocals. But they are completely different from traditional bifocals. Traditional bifocals have only two vision areas, whereas those have two main areas and many other minor ones. From a perspective of design and function, traditional ones are directly combined by two lenses with different focal. Those sunglasses, on the contrary, are composed of some transitional lenses and two main lenses. Therefore, people with progressive bifocal sunglasses will find that- no evident division line can be found between the two main lenses; the conversion between the two vision areas is very natural, without any radical vision changes; less complications will happen and less adapting time will be used, etc. In a word, those bifocal glasses are almost the same as progressives because others can not tell whether or not the wearers are in need of reading glasses.

Progressive bifocal sunglasses are also some of the best sunglasses in the market. In people’s minds, sunglasses are result of adding some tints onto the lenses. This is true in some senses. But the fact is much more than that. It is probably that the first sunglasses are made by tinted lenses. However, people in later time find that their eyes are in want of more and greater protection- traditional glasses and sunglasses can not prevent their eyes from being injured by harmful rays in the sun lights and reflected by other objects. Consequently, high standard is required- all sunglasses should filter out all UV rays, all glares, block dusts, etc. In fact, only few products can meet those requirements, of which progressive bifocal sunglasses are included. Those sunglasses are some of the most beloved products among people who often go outdoors and who often expose them to harmful radiations.

What’s more, sunglasses can never be separated from fashion and styles, so are progressive bifocal sunglasses. As it mentioned above, wearing those sunglasses will never let others know the wearers need reading glasses; moreover, those sunglasses can also make the wearers elegant and cool to see in some occasions. For example, some young boys have attracted the attention of more girls when they begin to wear those sunglasses, vice verse.

Progressive bifocal sunglasses are really good alternatives for certain eye-problem-struck people who also love fashion and stylishness.


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