Prescription Photochromic Sunglasses Provide You With The Ultimate Convenience

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For people who need prescription eyeglasses to help them see clearly, summer is a tough season. They have to constantly switch between their conventional prescription sunglasses, which provide them with both UV rays protection and corrective vision, and their prescription eyeglasses whenever they goes outdoors or indoors. With prescription photochromic sunglasses, they don’t have anymore. Because of the substances called silver halide or silver chloride distributed on the lenses, which would undergo a chemical reaction at the exposure to UV rays and then absorb sunlight, photochromic lenses would darken automatically when exposed to sunlight and return to a more clear state when the sunlight is away. With this feature, the wearer need not change to a pair of prescription sunglasses before they hit the road and switch back to their transparent prescription eyeglasses when they go back home. They can just put on a pair of prescription photochromic sunglasses and everything is taken cared of once and for all.
Prescription Photochromic Sunglasses

Every coin has two sides, and prescription photochromic sunglasses are no exception to that. Although they can almost be recommended for anyone at any time, there do exist one occasion when they are not suggested. And that is when you are driving in your car. As is known to all, the windshield on our car can block out most of the UV rays. However, as it turns out those UV rays are crucial in triggering the substances on the lenses into chemical reaction and subsequently causing the lenses to darken or lighten. When the UV rays are gone, the glasses won’t work as well as before. So, even when the sunlight is directly in your way, burning on your eyes, those photochromic lenses won’t darken at all.

Prescription Photochromic Sunglasses 1

Besides not suitable for driving occasions, some photochromic sunglasses may take a little time to adjust to a new light condition. For example, when you enter the room, it may take a couple of seconds for the lenses to go back clear again. Although it may be tiresome at times, it certainly is better than having to change your glasses. You just need to get used to it and before long you will forget it all. After all, it’s only a few seconds.

At the present, prescription photochromic sunglasses are mainly available in two brands: Transitions and Reactolite. The former is the leading company in this area and the later is rapidly catching up. The problem with those two is photochromic sunglasses sold by them can cost a fortune. A nice alternative to them are inexpensive photochromic sunglasses online. These glasses sold online are of the same quality as those from Transitions and Reactolite and they are priced at much lower rates. So, if you haven’t already, go online and check out some of the online stores for your pair of prescription photochromic sunglasses.


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