Some People Confront High UV Exposure in U.S.

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Recently, it is reported that people’s eyes and skin in US are susceptible to the harmful UV rays without taking protective measure because they are at high risk of exposure to the UV rays. So less than one in three Americans makes the link between UV rays and eye damage. In fact, the Vision Council had released a report to emphasize the importance of protecting eyes and skin around the eyes. This report illustrates that residents in US are likely to be exposed to the UV at higher level and provides tips to prevent vision problems caused by exposure to UV. In addition, this report says that many cities in US have high UV rays levels.

As Ed Greene, CEO of The Vision Council says that it is of great importance for residents to know clearly about how to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays. He hopes that people can have a better understanding of shielding their eyes and this report can stimulate them to protect their families and themselves.

When it comes to protecting eyes and skin around the eyes, wearing sunglasses is the best way. This report shows details to help customers choose the suitable sunglasses.

1. Focus on UV protection-The function against UV rays is the priority while choosing sunglasses. Qualified sunglasses must prevent both UVA and UVB.

2. Try on sunglasses-It is necessary to try on sunglasses in order to find proper sunglasses that you feel comfortable. Uncomfortable sunglasses will make problem happen to you instead of protecting you.

3. Purchase several pairs-Sunglasses with different lenses suit various activities. For example, if you want to do outdoor sports, sports sunglasses will be the ideal choice. If you suffer vision problem such as myopia, you will get good UV protection with the help of prescription sunglasses.

4. Know lens color-Although lens color has nothing to do with UV protection, different lens colors will have different influence. Grey can prevent UV and don’t cause any distortion of objects. Yellow or amber color is advantageous for wearers to recognize traffic signals so drivers are more likely to choose sunglasses with yellow or amber color.

5. Choose design-Although there are a lot of designs available in the market, for extra protection, wraparound sunglasses with larger temple pieces and lenses will block more UV rays from all angles: the frontal and the sides. Therefore, compared to other sunglasses wraparound sunglasses have better function of UV protection. Besides, wraparound rx sunglasses will be very helpful for people who have vision problems.

Generally speaking, together with sunscreen, hat, or other accessories, it is crucial for people to wear sunglasses.


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