Five Tips for Eyeglasses Wearers to Make Up

March 24th, 2011 by Jay Furlong Leave a reply »

1. Enlarge your eyes with an eyeliner
Myopic lens will narrow the eyes and make the eyeball convex, so the skill for making up eyes is particularly important. The key to this process is to enlarge the eyes and dilute the convex, hence eyeliner plays an very important role at this moment.

2. Draw thick eye lines

No matter you have single or double eyelid, the most useful tools to enlarge your eyes are relatively thick eye line and dense and curly eyelash. You can try to use liquid or soft-cartridge eye liner to draw your eye lines from the root of the eyelash because dark, dense and thick lines will enlarge the eyes to some extent.

3. Choose eye shadows with similar colors

Rich-colored eye shadow will influence the image of eyes, so coffee and brown should be the safest choice. During making up, you can use dark brown eye shadow at the edge of your upper eyelid, and then shift to the part under the eyebrow gradually. It is better to enlarge your eyes by using eye shadows of similar colors from dark to light.

4. Curl your eyelash after applying the mascara

Eyelash curler is a magic key for myopic beauties to enlarge their eyes. Before applying the mascara, you must curl your eyelash from its root with an eyelash curler. After applying the mascara, curl the eyelash once again. Then you can see the eyelash become curly.

5. Use fog lipsticks

As eyeglasses frame already gives us a strong impression, the lip should not be modified too much. In such case, fog lipsticks are much better than intensive lip glosses. Light pink, orange and other such moist lip colors are most suitable for eyeglasses wearers.


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