Own Good Vision, Own Good Academic Performance

March 27th, 2011 by William Krause Leave a reply »

80%~90% of study information are acquired by the students through vision, so poor vision will no doubt influence the academic performances of students. This issue has not got attention from the parents, students and teachers yet. Poor vision has two influences on study: 1. making it difficult for the students to see the blackboard clearly, which results in low efficiency in study; 2. causing eye fatigue or even worse insomnia, amnesia and neurasthenic, thus having a significant impact on the academic performance. But how does the eye fatigue of the myopic students happen?

1.      The myopia has not been remedied immediately. Many parents hold a wrong view that children shouldn’t wear eyeglasses too early instead they should wear them as late as possible. From the scientific aspect, it is indeed not good to wear eyeglasses too early. The normal standard for filling a prescription is such that the students don’t have to wear eyeglasses if they can see the blackboard without any difficulties after getting rid of pseudomyopia. But if the vision is lower than 0.5, it should be corrected by wearing a pair of eyeglasses.

2.      The eyeglasses are unqualified. Wearing unqualified eyeglasses will cause complicated vision imbalance. As more than 50% of the students’ eyeglasses are unqualified, it is common that the students will suffer eyestrain due to wearing unqualified or uncomfortable eyeglasses. Therefore, it is quite important for the high school students to wear qualified and comfortable eyeglasses to guarantee their learning effects and improve their academic performances.

3.      The astigmatism hasn’t been corrected. Astigmatism refers to that the meridian curvatures of the cornea are different from each other. The imaging of the object on the retina is not a point but two lines. In order to see clearly, the eyes need to continuously adjust the eye muscles to find a clear point so that eye fatigue occurs. Among the myopic students who also have astigmatism, only 20% of them have corrected the stigmatism, hence it is not strange that the incidence of eye fatigue in the students is getting higher and higher.

The students should have their myopias corrected as early as possible in order to ensure their academic performances. The best way is to have a mydriatic optometry and then wear a qualified and comfortable pair of eyeglasses.


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