It is not Easy to Operate a Retail Eyeglasses Frames Store

March 3rd, 2011 by Jean Caster Leave a reply »

I have an eyeglasses store which was established in 2009. Although this is a retail store but all of my eyeglasses are sold at wholesale prices. That is to say, I am selling wholesale eyeglass frames. Viewing the past 2 years of sales, I have drawn a conclusion that it is difficult to operate such an eyeglasses store.

First of all, the customers often doubt the quality of my glasses as they don’t believe that the glasses can be sold at such low prices. For this reason, I always explain to them that all of my products are high-quality wholesale eyeglass frames which are directly from the manufacturers. As there are no resellers between the manufacturers and I, I can offer the glasses at such reasonable prices. Although I can convince a majority of customers to buy glasses at my store, some of them still choose to leave out and go to other glasses stores where the prices are much higher than mine for they think the high-quality things must be expensive. I have tried my best to persuade them but only find that every effort is in vain.

Moreover, the competitors always trouble me since they think I am taking the bread out of their mouths. For instance, they always come to my store for fooling about in the name of customers. They require me to take out numerous pairs of eyeglasses to try on and complain none of my glasses is suitable for them. Even some of them will say my glasses are with poor qualities. But these boring “customers” have never bought eyeglasses eventually. I am fed up with them.

In fact, apart from what I mentioned above, the industrial and commercial bureau has once come to my store for an investigation. Later I knew that I was reported by someone who was ill-disposed since he thought I was selling fakes. I felt being treated unjustly at that time. Fortunately, I was proved to be innocent finally.

Now I am hesitating whether I should continue selling the wholesale eyeglass frames or raise the prices to make others believe that I am selling authentic glasses. Hope someone can do me a favor.


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