Benefits of glasses wholesale

June 5th, 2010 by Paul Benjamin Leave a reply »

When we talk about glasses wholesale, we usually refer to wholesale sunglasses. This is obvious that regular prescription eyeglasses should be made with precise lens powers according to customers’ prescriptions, which are only available when they make an order. As a result, regular eyeglasses for vision correction should not be pre-made and thus can not be wholesale. In addition, eyewear buyers for vision aid would probably choose different types of frames and lenses. This makes wholesale eyeglasses in complete pairs an unrealistic practice. However, the situation is considerably different in sunwear industry. Some people may have heard of prescription sunglasses, which are gaining popularity among the public in recent years. They refer to sunwear products which can offer both UV protection and vision correction. Well, it is absolutely true that these sunwear models can also not be wholesale.

But regular, non-prescription sunglasses are feasible to come in wholesale form. The reason is that these traditional sunglasses are for UV protection only. Made for this function, they all come in complete pairs. These glasses wholesale are usually made in bulk, belonging to similar styles. In this case, customers can always find many sunglasses that look like with each other. Because these traditional sunshades are simple in forms of functionality, actually buyers pay more attention to frame and lens styles, provided that adequate UV protection is guaranteed. Sunglasses are now available from many reputable brands like Versace, Dior, Ray Ban and etc. A disappointing fact is that it is difficulty to get wholesale models from these elite brands. Those wholesale sunglasses claimed by numerous sources are actually replica ones.

Glasses wholesale in different models resemble corresponding models designed by renowned brands well. This provides enough satisfaction for people who want to enjoy fashionable elements in a favorite brand. This is not the only benefit of wholesale sunwear. The greatest benefit is an exciting discount. Compared with retail sunwear or an authentic pair, wholesale sunshades are sold at much lower prices. This enables even ordinary people to keep several pairs. Of course, these products are a good way start a new business.


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