The use of glasses clip

June 6th, 2010 by Jean Caster Leave a reply »

According to google dictionary, clip means a small metal or plastic object which is used to hold things together or in place. These devices are widely used in various fields for specific purposes. Many people may have never imagined that clips can also be used in eyeglasses. This is really true that some special eyeglasses can take use of clips for addition functionality. Extending the use of clip into the eyewear industry, glasses clip actually functions in a similar way that more than one pair of eyeglasses can be held or combined together. And to state exactly, eyeglass clip refers to a device embedded in an eyewear frame during manufacturing. Regular eyeglass frames have only simple bridges but some special ones are made with helpful clips. Eyeglass clip incorporated in eyewear frame can hold another pair of eyewear. This sounds strange and it may be uneasy to figure out a specific example.

In fact, the eyewear user group contains lots of people who need more than one form of help from eyeglasses. We all know that sunglasses help protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. Safety eyeglasses can minimize eye injuries. Regular prescription spectacles facilitate vision defected people carrying out normal vision tasks at different distances. It depends on personal needs to combine any two of these eyewear types together using glasses clip. But the most popular use of eyeglass clips is to hold a pair of sunglasses and another pair of regular prescription eyewear in place. UV protection is almost necessary for people of any age. And the large number of individuals who have myopia, hyperopia and presbyopia makes regular Rx spectacles the most popular eyewear type. Thanks to eyewear clips, it is now absolutely feasible to achieve both UV protection and vision correction together.

Glasses clip that can hold a regular pair of Rx eyewear and another sunshade comes in different forms. And there are correspondingly magnetic clip ons, magnetic clip ups and true clips. These are made in different ways and function in specific approaches. In general, the former two categories bring more convenience than the third type. And in most cases, these clips are fixed in regular eyewear frames.


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