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Clip on sunglasses are an ideal way for wearers who wear prescription glasses to protect their eyes from the sun. This kind of sunglasses will clip right onto regular prescription eyeglasses, allowing the wearer to see clearly while shading and protecting the eyes. Clip on sunglasses will offer you convenience, available and affordable price than normal prescription sunglasses.

There are three main types of clip on sunglasses available. The type worth of your purchase depends on factors such as your lifestyle, budget and circumstances. Each type of clip on sunglasses can be purchased in a variety of colors, sizes and styles. The first type is custom clip on sunglasses. The custom clip on sunglasses clip to the middle of the bridge on prescription eyeglasses. The clips are rubber coated so they do not damage the frame or the lenses of the eyeglasses, but they are the least expensive type of clip on sunglasses. The clips on standard clip on sunglasses are the most noticeable of all the types available. The second type is flip clip on sunglasses. The main feature of the flip clip on sunglasses is that they clip over the prescription eyeglasses and can be flipped up or down according to the lighting condition. In this way, you do not need to be constantly removed and put back on. The clips on flip clip-on sunglasses are much smaller than standard clip-on sunglasses and are therefore not as noticeable. Moreover, they are also less likely to damage prescription eyeglasses as they do not need to be constantly removed. However, the hinge on flip clip on sunglasses can easily break. The third type is magnetic clip on sunglasses. Magnetic clip on sunglasses use a clear magnet which attaches to the prescription glasses. They have no clips so they are barely noticeable. They can only be used on frames which are magnetic (i.e. metal), and so cannot be used on plastic frames. They fit directly onto the frame, and therefore the magnetic clip-on must be exactly the correct size for them to block the sun. Magnetic sunglasses are the most expensive clip-on sunglasses available.

Not only there are different types of clip on sunglasses, but also they comes in different styles. While older versions were often bulky or unattractive, today they come in different varieties, such as rimless styles, which are lighter and offer a more streamlined appearance. They are also designed to fit over most styles of plastic and metal. Clip on sunglasses are offered from the simplest styles to high end designer fashions. Since they are more affordable than prescription sunglasses, some people choose more than one pair so they can wear different styles for different outings. Many are designed to be conveniently flipped up when entering a building or when the sun passes behind clouds. There are also holders that you can purchase to attach to the visor in your car so you can store your sunglasses and keep them handy.

Once you would love to choose clip on sunglasses, firstly, you need to know how to measure the clip on frames. After knowing the size, you can purchase at optical store. So how to measure for clip on frames? The first step in choosing the correct clip-on frames is to compare the style of clip-on frames to the frames of the prescription sunglasses. Choose the nearest in style so that the clip-on frames will cover the entire prescription sunglasses frame. Measure the width of the glasses. Ensure that the glasses are measured in the middle. If the clip-on sunglasses are not available in the same size as the prescription glasses, it is important to make sure they are slightly larger. This ensures that the eyes are completely protected from the sun. Not all clip-on sunglasses are measured in inches; some are simply classed as small, medium and large.


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