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Cat eye glasses are mainly a form of women’s eyewear which have an upsweep at the out edges where the arms join the frame front. Cat eye glasses frames became popular in the 1950s and 1960s but still have a loyal following amongst women with a retro style. There was a particular type of fashion trait that seemed to stick to this style. The cat eye look was almost synonymously combined with a beehive or bob hairstyle. Although, the glasses normally walked hand in hand with these hairstyles, there were also particular professions that this style-pair sentiment holds true for too. Women in certain types of employment, such as librarians, secretaries and respectable teachers all held these glasses in high esteem and the style is often referenced today as the ‘sexy librarian’ or ‘sassy school teacher’ look.

When it takes a certain face and character to pull the cat eye look off today, there are some that won’t let the traditional glasses die, with the revival led by some of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood including Jessica Alba, Dita Von Teese and so on. There’s no doubt that this enduring style will continue to be popular well into the future. Although their popularity may rise and fall in the meantime, we believe that we’ll be seeing cat eye glasses on the holographic screens and hover catwalks of the future! Cat-eye glasses are best for faces with a narrow forehead that widens at the cheeks and chin, as well as diamond-shaped faces that are narrow at the eyes and jawline and have broad cheekbones. Cat eye glasses imparts a sophisticated, elegant, slightly exotic look to the wearer. Most frames feature oval lenses with the extended portion of the eyerim drawn out into an upward and outward point. Oftentimes, the extra eyerim at the outer corners are embellished with exotic details. Rhinestone, metal, or colored plastic temple enhancements create a sense of opulence while sculptural effects, such as raised designs, scalloped edges and fancy bridges, add uniqueness to these frames. Among the most striking decorative innovations on cat eye frames are the brows, which usually incorporate different sculptural, applique, and ornamental effects on the top edges of cat-eye rims.

Cat eye eyeglasses and cat eye sunglasses were popular feminine eyewear styles of the mid-20th century, when eyewear became a fashion accessory rather than simply a medical necessity. With glasses becoming more mainstream, people threw themselves wholeheartedly into the purchase of eyewear that not only solved vision problems, but also enhanced their appearance. Cat eye glasses are available in many optical stores and even in antique shops. This only proves that these glasses are popular despite of their classic design. Aside from providing protection from sunlight, cat eye glasses may be customized and can be used as regular prescription eyeglasses. These glasses are now regaining popularity among women. For those born in the late 80’s and 90’s, they may find it different to wear vintage glasses. However, once they tried wearing one, they surely can’t go out without it. Because of the elegance brought by retro glasses, they can still maintain their presence in the eyewear market. These fashionable glasses that resemble the eyes of a cat will surely be available in many optical shops.


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