Retro glasses half century ago become popular again

July 27th, 2010 by Ray Didia Leave a reply »

Half century ago, around 1950s, the eyewear industry reached its maturity with the development and introduction of new materials and new designs. Even by today, the most wanted retro glasses is from 1950s. Especially for those fashion fans, what they hanker for is 50s retro glasses. They wear retro eyewear for fashion expressions.

One good example of 50s retro glasses for men are the bold frames. Men in the 1950s wore thicker and wider frames glasses which are now in style again. These men’s retro glasses gained popularity again in 1990s, and some twenty years later, they are in vogue now even.

When talking about the retro eyewear for women from 1950s, the cat eye retro glasses will always be the topic. These upswept styles with the frame ends arched upward brought the beauty and fashion for the women in 1950s, and now these retro glasses are back in fashion once again. Inspired by the 50s classic retro glasses more and more styles have been developed.

Retro glasses are available in two forms. One type of retro eyewear is the authentic vintage glasses from the old time, the other can be the copies with the look of retro glasses but actually newly-made eyeglasses frames. The only thing needing to be cautious is that opticians really need pay special attention to put the lenses into the retro eyewear frames.

Retro glasses can be fitted as everyday use eyeglasses or for reading glasses only. Some creative fashion lovers even have the retro eyewear fitted with photochromic lenses and make the retro glasses as a pair of prescription sunglasses.


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