Reading Glasses are not Exclusive to the Old People

March 2nd, 2011 by Paul Benjamin Leave a reply »

“Oh my god! I cannot see the books clearly! What’s wrong with my eyes?” screamed by my aunt. All of us were shocked by her cry while we were watching TV at the living room. At the beginning, we all deemed that she had suffered from some kind of eye disease and never thought she had got presbyopia because my aunt was only 38. Fortunately, one of my uncles living in another city was a doctor. We gave him a call and told him my aunt’s symptoms immediately. Finally, we confirmed that my aunt had indeed suffered from presbyopia and we intended to buy her a pair of prescribed reading glasses.
In fact, my aunt couldn’t accept the truth that she had got presbyopia at such a young age since we often associated the reading glasses with old people. My aunt didn’t want to be regarded as old, so she refused to wear prescribed reading glasses and warned us if one of us dared to buy such unpleasant thing for her she would take him/her as her enemy. However, it was not absolutely true that only the old people might suffer from presbyopia. Actually, presbyopia was related to the individual’s refraction and job nature. For this reason, one could get presbyopia even if he/she was under the age of 40.
After a very long time of persuasion and explanation, my aunt was convinced to buy a pair of prescribed reading glasses eventually. There were two reasons for why she made this decision: 1. She really needed a pair of reading glasses to see the books or other near objects clearly; 2. She would no longer worry about being regarded as an old woman.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to buy yourself a pair of prescribed reading glasses to get a clear vision if you have suffered from presbyopia, no matter how young you are. And never think that the reading glasses are exclusive to the old people.


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