Reading Glasses and Computer Glasses are the Optimal Choice for the Otaku

August 2nd, 2011 by Brian Wallace Leave a reply »

Otaku refers to a group of teenagers who always stay at home instead of going outside. Enchanted in their own worlds, they like reading cartoon books and watching TV and movies. So what they need is a pair of appropriate eyeglasses exclusively made for reading or watching TV. That’s why reading and computer glasses come into being.


Suffered from shortsightedness, you are in need of a pair of reading glasses to see near objects clearly. You are required to receive optometry first and then the optometrist will advise that you wear a pair of reading glasses with suitable ADD number and the sphere number, in that way, you can have a clearer world. The Otaku, seated themselves in the chair, read the cartoon book all day long, forgetting having dinners, doing exercise and even going to the toilet. As a result, their eye vision declines. They have to resort to reading glasses for going on reading such a number of books.

At the same time, the Otaku may be the couch potato, enjoying a sedentary life by watching TV in the couch with little vigorous physical exercise. To prevent or prescribe the shortsightedness, one is suggested to wear a pair of computer glasses, which aims at seeing the computer screen at the intermediate distance. After wearing it, one is bound to feel comfortable unless there is no optical disturbance.

But how can you decide which one you need? It is all depends on your lifestyle. If you are fond of reading books or newspapers, a pair of reading glasses is your best choice to see words in the near distance. While if you prefer watching TV or playing computer games or chatting online, you are certain to buy a pair of computer glasses for intermediate distance.

In a nutshell, Otaku reflects the unhealthy lifestyle, but if it is difficult for you to abandon it, please do not hesitate to try on some specialty eyeglasses like reading glasses and computer glasses.


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