Visit an Optometrist Regularly

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Optometrist is often confused with the ophthalmologist, who is surgery practitioner while an optometrist is a doctor of optometry: treating eye ailments, such as vision problems, eye diseases and related conditions and prescribe eyeglasses, eye lenses and medications, but never do surgeries. However, most people seldom visit an optometrist and think they perform the same task as an ophthalmologist. Here below are some detailed information of what an optometrist usually does and the importance of visiting an optometrist regularly.

If you have an experience of prescribing either eyeglasses or contact lenses, you must have met a doctor who helps you see figures on eye chart clearly by preparing lenses suited for your eyes. He or she ceaselessly changes different lenses of different diopters until you yield you are able to get a clear vision without dizziness and any discomfort. Then the optometrist determines the correct power for your eyeglasses or your contact lenses.

Besides the routine test above, an optometrist test other aspects of your eyes as well, such as your vision co-ordinates, vision depth, color viewing and recognition and your ability to focus. He or she is able to do more closely examinations, called glaucoma check if you require them to so. Firstly he or she will ask if you are a patient with elevated blood pressure, or if you suffer from diabetes or cancer, so that he or she is able to suit the remedy to your special case, because those diseases might have a direct impact on your vision. Under normal circumstances, the optometrist will prescribe some medication and offer suggestions which are help for you eye care and eyesight.

Additionally, an optometrist provides pre and post-surgical care while the surgery is operated by an ophthalmologist, from which we may see the biggest difference between an optometrist and an ophthalmologist: the former is more of an eye examiner and he or she often work in tandem and monitor the same patients with an the latter. Besides, optometrists have very important administrative functions, including running offices, hiring employees, keeping electronic records, ordering supplies and equipments, offering advices for patients and so on so forth.

If you have never visited an optometrist, you are suggested to do so regularly. Visiting an optometrist makes you know detailed information of your eye condition regularly, so that if there are any problems, you are able to do corresponding solutions as soon as possible before the problems spanning out of control. Even that you have not found any abnormal symptoms of your eyes, but you are worried about them because of any discomfort, you can visit and consult an optometrist who is believed to give you professional answers and ease your worry.

Eyes are one of the most important organs of our body which are often referred as the windows of our souls. Without eyes, the world loses vigor and vitality; without eyes, life becomes discolored; without eyes, happiness goes far away. Therefore do no neglect our eyes, careful attention should be attached. Visiting an optometrist regularly should be the easiest and best way to achieve this.


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