Candidates For LASIK Surgery

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LASIK eye surgery, an innovative operation on eyes, is thought to have brought many benefits to people of eyesight problems, be hyperopia (farsightedness), myopia (nearsightedness), or astigmatism ( a common condition where cornea is irregularly shaped). Most people are quick to have one to get their vision clear. However, not everyone is suitable to have a LASIK surgery, here are a list of them:

People under 18 years old are thought be not suitable, because teenagers are in their time of unimpeded growth, at which age the vision prescription is not stable. Any eye surgery, including LASIK surgery is usually most successful for those who have a stable vision prescription for a period of time.

People having certain diseases, such as the diseases that cause hormone levels to fluctuate, and those are taking certain medications are advised not to take a LASIK surgery. Because some diseases and medications may have side-effect of hindering the healing process after laser eye surgery. Therefore, before an operation, your eye doctor will ask you relative questions and ask for an overall eye examination.

Besides, even if you do not have certain diseases, if you are examined to have certain eye problems, such as large pupils, and thin corneas, etc. you are not the best candidate for an eye LASIK surgery. Even if you already have another eye surgery before, you are not suggested to undergo a LASIK surgery.

Other groups who are not for LASIK include those in bad health condition, those having had inconsistencies in their glasses, those participate in sports frequently and so on so forth.

After checking all the problems above, and if you are qualified. Then come to the issue to choose

After checking all the problems above, and if you are qualified. Then come to the issue of choosing your eye doctor. Things need consulting include the eye doctor’s education, professional membership, and board certification and relative laser eye surgery he or she has ever undergone.

However, you should not only believe an exparte statement of the eye doctor himself or herself, since everyone is selfish. Another way to get to know more information about the eye doctor is to search in the Internet, checking others’ judgements on him or her


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