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Reading Glasses Rock Your World With New Designs And Styles

April 24th, 2012

Traditionally, when people think of reading glasses, they think of a typically white haired scholar sitting in front of voluminous volumes of academic writings. As the street term goes, they are just not hip. In an era when being hip and in the vogue and not out-fashioned has become an absolute matter of life and death for the youth, the pedantic look of reading glasses has been rejected and boycotted. Young kids who had to wear glasses in order to see clearly so as to not lag behind with their school work being bullied in the schoolyards has been no strange matter for schools from elementary ones to middle schools all over the country. And that only adds to the bad image of reading glasses, making it tougher for people to accept them. The difficult situation in the market however did not kill all those manufacturer but instead triggered them to innovate and adapt.

What the innovation presented us is a whole new combination of style and functionality that has been witnessed with so many other types of products in the optical business. Reading glasses are no longer nerdy and geeky any more. New styles that have been ubiquitous in sunglasses are being seen more and more with our most valuable and useful reading tool. Reading glasses framed with classic styles that are seen on Porsche, Ray-ban and Oakley shades are seen worn by more and more people from all walks of lives. Students are on the front line of the enthusiasts for the new generation of reading glasses. Now considered IN and popular, reading glasses are adored by those kids who used to resent them and with whom wearing them had to take incredible enforcement from the parents.

It is always good to see one type of optical product rejuvenating itself. The resurrection doesn’t happen every day, which only makes the revival of reading glasses more precious and rare. Also is rare is the places where you can actually get those stylish readers. is among the finest online stores that sell these glasses. Their clean cut wet design and professional service will undoubtedly make your visit there the pleasantest of all. Come and grab a new pair of reading glasses. They will totally ROCK YOUR WORLD!!!

Reading Glasses: Bookworms’ Boon and Godsend

December 2nd, 2011

People with difficulty in reading small print are shopping for help from reading glasses. True enough, reading glasses are fully equipped to meet your very need to closely read and savor the nourishment of beautifully-worded books without any compromise of your visual comfort.

As men approach middle age, the ability of their eyes to focus on objects close up is on a continuous decrease, which is the quintessential symptom of presbyopia. People who are afflicted with presbyopia are finding it increasingly hard to concentrate on small printed materials. The matter is further compounded by the inappropriate reading posture and its corresponding eye strain and other discomforts. Thus a pair of reading glasses is desperately required. Reading glasses are extraordinarily functional to the effect that they are armed with full reading prescription-the magnifying power to enable their wearers to see through the lenses with more clarity and more visual comfort.

Now available on the market are two kinds of reading glasses: ready-made over-the-counter one and the custom-made optometrist-prescribed one. How to differentiate them and choose the best for you is a matter of great import that is worth our while pondering. Both online and offline eyeglasses dealers deal in a world of ready-made eyeglasses. If the prescription of your eyes is pretty much the same, you are ready to buy those from over the counter or just enjoy a convenient and cost-effective shopping experience by way of purchasing them online. There is still another case where there is a far cry between the prescriptions of your eyes, on which occasion it is very inadvisable to buy ready-made reading glasses since they are all of a one-size-fits-all type. Under this circumstance, you are recommended to confer with your optician upon the precise prescription of your eyes, with a view of which an all-around eye examination is necessary. Bearing clearly in mind your exact prescription, you can either simply get them straight from the entity glasses outlets or just shop for them online.

In the final analysis, reading glasses have everything you demand to satisfy your need to enjoy pleasant reading with more clarity and visual comfort. So if you are still plagued by blurry vision, make haste to try on one pair.

Clic Reading Glasses Feature Utility As Well As Convenience

November 14th, 2011

There is no denying that clic reading glasses bring convenience to your reading experiences, especially when you are such a careless person as to lose your reading glasses or forget where you’ve put them. They are quite a relief when it comes to the emergency of locating the whereabouts.

Clic Reading Glasses

As much as you don’t want to admit it, you, with the number of years adding to your age, are incessantly suffering from presbyopia or far-sightedness, which paralyses you from reading or seeing things clearly at hand. Such an impediment that makes indispensable the need of a pair of reading glasses. But sometimes we are prone to lose or forget the whereabouts of them when needed most. Thus clic reading glasses come to your rescue. Clic reading glasses, as the name suggests, are such kind of reading glasses as are equipped with an adjustable headband with the aid of which they can snugly stick to your head and ears without falling down when put into use and a neck strap with which they can hang comfortable around your neck when not in use. Clic reading glasses have a magnetic device capable of connecting the front bridge of reading glasses by just clicking together. Ingeniously designed, clic reading glasses also have magnifier glasses whose capacity is to entitle you to crystal clear vision and at the same time protection of your eyesight from going bad to worse.

Clic Reading Glasses Clic Reading Glasses

Clic reading glasses come in a rainbow of colors and a multiple choices of styles and shapes which will satisfy your exact and particular needs. Among them red, golden, blue, and purple are favored by many. However, the choice is yours to make in accordance with your favorite. When you are ready to lay hands on them, make sure to consult with your optometrist regarding the prescription. After all, visual clarity always comes first. So weigh your options and choose your ideal clic reading glasses


Reading Glasses and Computer Glasses are the Optimal Choice for the Otaku

August 2nd, 2011

Otaku refers to a group of teenagers who always stay at home instead of going outside. Enchanted in their own worlds, they like reading cartoon books and watching TV and movies. So what they need is a pair of appropriate eyeglasses exclusively made for reading or watching TV. That’s why reading and computer glasses come into being.


Suffered from shortsightedness, you are in need of a pair of reading glasses to see near objects clearly. You are required to receive optometry first and then the optometrist will advise that you wear a pair of reading glasses with suitable ADD number and the sphere number, in that way, you can have a clearer world. The Otaku, seated themselves in the chair, read the cartoon book all day long, forgetting having dinners, doing exercise and even going to the toilet. As a result, their eye vision declines. They have to resort to reading glasses for going on reading such a number of books.

At the same time, the Otaku may be the couch potato, enjoying a sedentary life by watching TV in the couch with little vigorous physical exercise. To prevent or prescribe the shortsightedness, one is suggested to wear a pair of computer glasses, which aims at seeing the computer screen at the intermediate distance. After wearing it, one is bound to feel comfortable unless there is no optical disturbance.

But how can you decide which one you need? It is all depends on your lifestyle. If you are fond of reading books or newspapers, a pair of reading glasses is your best choice to see words in the near distance. While if you prefer watching TV or playing computer games or chatting online, you are certain to buy a pair of computer glasses for intermediate distance.

In a nutshell, Otaku reflects the unhealthy lifestyle, but if it is difficult for you to abandon it, please do not hesitate to try on some specialty eyeglasses like reading glasses and computer glasses.

Why We Need Reading Glasses and How These Glasses Should Be Purchased

July 25th, 2011

Most people over the age of forty find themselves having difficulties reading little signs or the fine print. Often times they have to hold the reading material further away from them so that their eyes can focus better. And if that doesn’t solve the problem, many of them begin to wear reading glasses. Although reading glasses are probably the most worn type of glasses among people over forty, rarely is the question asked: how exactly do these glasses work?

Well, you see, for our eyes to focus at different distances and go from the distance to the near and vise versa, we need to use the crystalline lenses in our eyes. These lenses are located behind our pupils and can change shape to meet different focusing needs. When we were children, our crystalline lenses had very strong shape changing ability, allowing our eyes to have tremendous power to focus at the near range. However, as we grow older, our crystalline lenses gradually become less elastic. Finally, as we reach the age of around forty, our crystalline lenses’ ability to focus at the usual reading distance is forever impaired. Once this happens, a pair of reading glasses is needed. The whole process is essentially another manifesto of the ever-going process of aging. It happens practically from the moment we were born until that day when we find “we were not young anymore”.

Buying a pair of reading glasses may sound pretty easy, but there are many unknown insights too. For example, do you know that instead of having your reading glasses custom made for you at your optometrist’s, you can actually just go over to a drugstore and pick up one pair. Those are called the over the counter reading glasses, a.k.a OTC reading glasses. Like the OTC drugs that cure your cold, those glasses don’t require any prescription reports to be purchased. You can just go over to the nearest the drugstore and try out their glasses one by one until you find one pair that seems clear at your desired reading distance. These glasses will be enough if what you need is just a pair of reading glasses that help you read. However, in reality, the thing is many people may need not only normal reading glasses but also corrective glasses. For them, the over the counter reading glasses solution is certainly not recommended. They should follow the usual procedure and have their eyes examined by an eye doctor and then have their glasses made accordingly.

In neither of the above mentioned case, however, does it mean that you can skip your routine eye checkups with your eye doctor. Reading glasses may help you read efficiently, and they don’t uncover potential vision-related diseases like your regular medical checkups do.

Ready-made reading eyeglasses VS custom-made glasses

December 3rd, 2009

Many old people tend to buy ready-made discount reading glasses in the drug stores for a couple of dollars. This is for sure very convenient to buy a pair of discount reading glasses for near work. But experts say this is really harmful to the vision health and will cause serious eye diseases. Experts also recommend old people with presbyopia should see a doctor for eye exam and buy discount prescription eyeglasses for vision refractive correction.

The ready-made discount reading glasses are made out of two lenses with the same power, while actually most of the people have different refractive errors for two eyes. Also the quality of those cheap discount reading glasses is pretty poor, so please don’t skip the eye exam for your specific prescription. Now you can order discount prescription eyeglasses from some online optical stores at a bit higher price than the drug stores, but with much better quality both in frame and lenses.

If you feel uneasy to buy the whole glasses online, you can also buy from the local Sam’s Club for the store’s discount reading glasses. Or you can buy the frame for your reading glasses online, then send the frame to Sam’s Club, by doing so you can pay much less for your whole discount reading glasses.

Doctors hope that every old people should have a pair of custom-made discount prescription eyeglasses.