Ready-made reading eyeglasses VS custom-made glasses

December 3rd, 2009 by Randa Nahl Leave a reply »

Many old people tend to buy ready-made discount reading glasses in the drug stores for a couple of dollars. This is for sure very convenient to buy a pair of discount reading glasses for near work. But experts say this is really harmful to the vision health and will cause serious eye diseases. Experts also recommend old people with presbyopia should see a doctor for eye exam and buy discount prescription eyeglasses for vision refractive correction.

The ready-made discount reading glasses are made out of two lenses with the same power, while actually most of the people have different refractive errors for two eyes. Also the quality of those cheap discount reading glasses is pretty poor, so please don’t skip the eye exam for your specific prescription. Now you can order discount prescription eyeglasses from some online optical stores at a bit higher price than the drug stores, but with much better quality both in frame and lenses.

If you feel uneasy to buy the whole glasses online, you can also buy from the local Sam’s Club for the store’s discount reading glasses. Or you can buy the frame for your reading glasses online, then send the frame to Sam’s Club, by doing so you can pay much less for your whole discount reading glasses.

Doctors hope that every old people should have a pair of custom-made discount prescription eyeglasses.


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