How can prices be so low in America’s Best Eyeglasses?

October 26th, 2009 by Scott Mozayeni Leave a reply »

America’s Best Eyeglasses has been the low-price leader in the optical retail industry since its inception. Optical retail in USA is a very inefficient industry with very little daily traffic for each store, which drives the retail price of eyeglasses to soar. To solve this problem, America’s Best Eyeglass has done two things to increase the sales revenue and to keep the average cost low.

The first thing America’s Best Eyeglasses does is to centralize its processing lab. The lab of America’s Best Eyeglasses is in New Jersey. When customers finish ordering their eyeglasses in the stores of America’s Best Eyeglass, the processing of lenses may start very soon within minutes. This ensures the best possible quality and the quickest delivery. The lab of America’s Best Eyeglass is outfitted with latest optical equipment and manned with experienced lab technicians. The accuracy and precision of eyeglasses prescriptions attract the customers of America’s Best Eyeglasses to come back for repeat purchase and spread via word of mouth. These things increase the traffic to America’s Best Eyeglass stores, and cut down the average cost.

The second measure America’s Best Eyeglasses takes is to buy biggest quantity of designer frames and other frames from vendors, thus America’s Best Eyeglasses can have the lowest possible purchase prices. The prices of frames bought in immense volumes are unbelievably low. That is why America’s Best Eyeglasses can offer only a fraction of the prices its competitors are selling. Volume operation and scale of economy are the source of the success of America’s Best Eyeglasses through the years.


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