The brief introduction of US Vision

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US Vision, a subsidiary of Refac Optical Group, is a retail name of optical goods and service in the United States. Founded in 1967, US Vision operates optical retail stores mainly through leasing spaces in the national department stores such as JC Penney and Sears. There are few freestanding optical stores located mostly in malls under the name of USA Vision, while majority of the US Vision stores inside the department stores are names by directly adding “Optical” after the name of the host store, such JC Penney Optical.

US Vision retail optical departments offer full-service vision care to the customers. USA Vision offers a wide option of all eyewear and other optical products ranging from high-end designer brands to generic eyewear products. And the on-site independent doctor of optometry provides scheduled of walk-in eye exams and write prescription to patients. In order to suit the customers of the specific host stores, USA Vision tailors the special portfolio of eyewear to meet the needs of that store.

USA Vision doesn’t offer one hour service as other retailers advertise on. All the fitting work are done in one centralized lab, so that customers can expect their prescription eyeglasses to arrive in a few day for pickup. Also USA Vision offers express service which customers can pick up the second day. US Vision is the member of Eye Med Vision Care Network to provide managed vision care service. About one-third of the revenues of US Vision are from the programs.

As of May 2007, US Vision runs about 660 locations in 47 states and Canada.


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