The brief introduction of Americas Best Eyeglasses

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Americas Best Eyeglasses is one of the five store names possesses by National Vision, Inc., which is No. 4 in America’s optical retail industry. Americas Best Eyeglasses is the fastest-growing brand within National Vision, by November of 2009 it has about 237 retail stores, but the count will be rapidly changing in the coming years. The stores of Americas Best Eyeglasses are mostly located in the strip centers and while some in shopping malls, where Americas Best Eyeglasses can reach its vast number of customer base.

Americas Best Eyeglasses offers its customer with world’s recognized frames are only a fraction of that of other retailers. The reason why Americas Best Eyeglasses can achieve this near ‘close-out” price, is because it is the biggest buyer of overstock frames from manufacturers. Low sale price boosts volume, while high sale volume will reduce the purchase cost from factories, creating a good cycle for the better business.

Americas Best Eyeglasses operates some designer names such as ELLEN TRACY, Calvin Klein, POLO, DKNY and more others. Also it sells contacts, sunglasses too. The eye examination at Americas Best Eyeglasses is easy. A professional optometrist will be at your service. If you apply for the member of Eye Care Club, Americas Best Eyeglasses will subsequently offer five times of free exams in three years.

Americas Best Eyeglasses uses its labs in Pennsauken, NJ, Lawrenceville, GA, St. Cloud, MN, and Hong Kong in Asia to cut and fit the lenses for its customers at the volume of thousands of eyeglasses daily. In their own lab, through strict and precise quality control, high volume of eyeglasses is being delivered to patrons everyday!

The mission of Americas Best Eyeglasses is to deliver the best volume in quality eyecare and eyewear at the low prices America deserves…every day!


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