Brief Introduction of the Top 10 Global Eyeglasses Brands

March 21st, 2011 by Andrew Rabinowitz Leave a reply »

1.      Prada

Prada owns the patented eyeglasses legs which can be bended to obtain the maximum comfort. Its reversed design, flat, light and bright steel material and the asymmetric joint between the lens surface and frame create a feature of light weight.

2.      OAKLEY

OAKLEY integrates the comfort, practicability and artistry of the eyglasses into a whole. Both the product design and material adopted have passed through a series of advanced scientific experiments and test, so as to ensure the comfort and high quality, as well as perfectly combine the function and fashion.


JUDITH LEIBER which is a famous Hungary brand is popular for its innovative and ingenious handbags. In fact, Judith Leiber the designer of this brand had launched the sunglasses collection at 1946. The design concept is just originated from the handbags.


DONNA KARAN is the endsville international brand in U.S.A at present. It pursues fashion and personal tastes, which is the optimum choice for people who want to show their maturity and modernity.


YVESSAINT LAURENT eyeglasses take the design inspirations from Saint Laurent who is the founder of YVESSAINT LAURENT, integrating the multi-elements of art and culture into the eyeglasses design. This collection of eyewear is with soft lines, modern styles and gorgeous colors, which reflect the maturity and moderation.

6.      DKNY

DKNY is established by a woman who has a gentle face. Her eyeglasses are trendy and exquisite; the cool metal and unique plastic which are mainly in black conform to the human engineering.


LOUIS VUITTON has ever launched functional sunshades of which the lens is antifrog, with high index of UV protection and high nose pad. In addition, the sunglasses frame is light in weight, so it will float on the surface even if it falls into the water. The reason why LV eyewear is so expensive is because of its faint monogram other than its reputation and handmade process.

8.      CHANEL

Each model of CHANEL sunglasses is made from highly hard and corrosion resistant technical plastic that is not easy to distort. The lenses are made of UV 400 resin which can thoroughly filter the UV light from the sun, thus to care the eyes of every wearer.

9.      DIOR

DIOR eyewear has various styles and colors for the wearers to choose from. Its changeful and exaggerated patterns reflect the fashion trend and personality. Moreover, its simple design and exclusive wild nature attract a large number of people.


CATTIER sunglasses adopt the scientific plastic, which shows the nobility and uniqueness of the women. Its metal glasses frames adopt high nickel alloy featuring good flexibility, high hardness, secure welded point and good durability.


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