Don’t Rely on Anti-radiation Non prescription Eyeglasses too Much?

March 22nd, 2011 by Brian Wallace Leave a reply »

People who often surf online will feel discomfort in their eyes, so a pair of anti-radiation plain eyeglasses is quite necessary for them. However, the plain glasses available on the market are different in quality, price and brand. Moreover, there are finished and customized eyeglasses. Facing with so many non prescription eyeglasses, how to select one pair that is really with the function of radiation protection?

Generally speaking, the anti-radiation eyeglasses indeed have the radiation protection function, but it is difficult for us to identify their authenticities. Even if some merchants can show us the quality certificates of the anti-radiation plain eyeglasses, they cannot guarantee that the lenses that the consumers have got really have the radiation protection function because this function cannot be judged only by naked eyes. For this reason, it is suggested that the people who usually use computers should not rely on anti-radiation eyeglasses too much. Nevertheless, how to reduce the damage from the computer to our eyes without the anti-radiation eyeglasses?

First, maintain a correct sitting posture while using computers. Our eyes should be over 50cm away from the display which should be placed 10~20 degrees lower than our sight because such a distance and angle can reduce the area of the eyeballs that is exposed to the air. Second, have a rest for 15 minutes every 1~2 hours and see the far objects as well as do some eye exercises. Third, blink frequently to reduce the exposure time of the eyeballs to the air, so as to avoid the evaporation of tears. Do not fix eyes on something for a long time. Fourth, have a good sleep and do not stay up late; drink as much water as possible; and eat a plenty of fruits.

If you usually do as what I said above the damages caused by the computer to your eyes will be reduced even if without a pair of anti-radiation eyeglasses.


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