Be Cautious When Selecting Prescription Swimming Goggles

March 7th, 2011 by Mark Burns Leave a reply »

The emergence of prescription sports glasses is a good news for the myopia sports fans. Prescription sport glasses have the functions that the common prescription glasses own and their surfaces are made from impact resistant PC material, so that the myopic people can enjoy the fun brought by sports activities. Prescription swimming goggle is one kind of prescription sports glasses.

In recent days, the prescription swimming goggles have attracted many people who have suffered from myopia but love doing sports. However, the right and left lenses of such glasses have the same degrees and cannot be customized. Therefore, the experts suggest that we should be cautious when selecting prescription swimming goggles to maintain the health of our eyes.

It is learned that the prescription swimming goggles available on the market are all finished products of which the lenses cannot be removed or replaced, let alone be customized. “There are many people consulting and having the intention of purchasing” said by a seller in a pro shop, “but as the right and left degrees are the same, some customers cannot choose a proper pair because their degrees are quite different in the right and left eyes.” A journalist asked if he could choose to customize the lenses as there was 100 degrees difference between his right and left eyes. The staff told him that all of these sports glasses were finished products and couldn’t be customized. Moreover, he even said there would not be so much impact as long as the difference of the degrees was not significant since we seldom wear them.

In fact, it is not advocated to sell finished sports glasses essentially. The customers should be cautious when purchasing such glasses for the sake of eye health. If you have to buy prescription swimming goggles, do remember that the degrees of the two lenses should be the same as far as possible. There is reflection in water, hence the customers should reduce the degrees of the lenses to such an extent that the degree difference is within 50 while selecting a pair of prescription swimming goggles. If you have astigmatism, it is also necessary to add your astigmatism degrees with your prescription degrees.


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