How To Select The Best Pair Of Glasses/Sunglasses To Suit Your Face Shape?

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First, I recommend a website about the choice of glasses according to the shape of your face. You can click try on and upload your own photos to see the effect of wearing different glasses.


Then let’s selected types of glasses according overall feeling of your face.

1. Round Face

This shape  fits  angular eyewear.

Frame with wide bevel makes the face look a little longer.

Thick frame or dark glasses are also very suitable.

A perfect circular frame is not a good choice for the face.

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2. Heart-shaped Face

This face shape can choose oval and thick frame glasses or larger frame.

So that it can balance the facial lines and distract people from the chin.

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3. Oval Face

This face it the luckiest. It is the standard face.

Suitable for all types of glasses in principle.

Below is an example of a large square glasses. This will focus on the central of face.

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4. Square Face

This face is suitable for wearing round or oval frame glasses.

It will make the facial lines look round.

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5. Diamond-shaped Face

For this face, wearing oval and browline frame is better, in order to ease stiff facial lines.

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6. Oblong Face

Not suitable to wear angular glasses.

You can select thick frame or big round glasses.

This can shorten the length of the face in the visual.

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Few Tips:

1. Pay attention to the color. You are not going to cosplay or do magic.

2. Do not choose oversized frame, if you just want to wear it in normal daily life.

3.Just one pair of glasses is hard to handle different styles. You can prepare 2-3 different glasses to fit your dress. >>buy one get one free now

Wearing glasses can be fashion and cute if you find the right one;)


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