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What Should I Know?

What is pupillary distance? Pupillary distance, also known as “PD,” is the distance between your pupils, and the measurement that is necessary to ensure the correct positioning of your lenses within the frame you have chosen. Your PD is essential to making your glasses and important because it greatly affects the way you see comfortably through your lenses.
How do I Obtain my PD?

When you get your eye exam done, your eye care provider will typically measure your PD for you. When asking for a copy of your prescription, you can also ask for your PD. However, only a few states in the U. S. are required by law to provide you with your PD. But not to worry — firmoo.com gives you a step-by-step guide on how to measure your own PD hassle-free, straight from your home or office.
What is a Normal PD Number?Most adults have a PD between 55-65 millimeters. Most kids’ PD’s are between 42-54 millimeters. You may notice two numbers on your prescription — this is perfectly normal and common. If the first number is higher, like 62/59, then the first number is your Distance PD and the second is your Near PD (for reading-only glasses).
If the numbers are smaller, this means you have a monocular PD; therefore, you have two separate numbers for each eye. In the case that you have two of the same numbers such as “31/31,” you can add the two numbers together to get 62 as your PD. The two numbers do not have to be the same; you may also have two numbers like 32/31, which would add to 63.
Where Can I Find More Information About PD’s?firmoo.com takes pride in being informative and helpful when it comes to all aspects of the optical world. We have our own PD help page on our website with a ton of information and facts to make the measuring process a lot easier. We also offer a printable ruler, which you can download straight from our PD page and you can measure your PD quickly and efficiently without moving away from your computer. If you need help, we have created a tutorial video, which you can use as a guide to learn the proper way to measure your PD.
Overall, your pupillary distance is partially responsible to experiencing clear, comfortable vision in your new glasses. Without a proper PD, your vision may feel off and distorted. Measuring your own PD may seem overwhelmingly to some at first, but with these helpful tools at your side, you’ll become an expert in no time! Come check out all the low prices and quality eyewear at firmoo.com and start measuring!


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