Four Aspects You Should Notice When Choosing Swimming Goggles

April 13th, 2011 by Sam Sutton Leave a reply »

Swimming goggles can not only protect your eyes from being damaged by the substance in water but also provide you a good visual field under water, enabling you to swim freely. However, improper choose or incorrect use of swimming goggles cannot protect but damage your eyes. So it is necessary to take all aspects into consideration while selecting swimming goggles.

1.      Optical performance and medical standard

As the refractive index of water is different from that of air, if the surface of the swimming goggles is uneven it is like wearing convex lens or concave lens, which will cause damages to your eyes over time, thus affects your vision. A pair of high quality lenses should meet the optical and medical standards, namely the lens degree above water is the same as that under water, the object seeing through them does not distort and the visual field is wide.

2.      Comfort

The swimming goggles shall be designed to conform to the principles of Ergonomics. Small swimming goggles are suitable for westerners as their eye sockets are sunken and the goggles are right embodied in their eyes. Big framed swimming goggles are the better choice for easterners because their faces are usually flatter.

3. Antifogging performance

The water around the swimming goggle is colder, so the air inside the swimming goggles is likely to condense into water on its inner wall, thus fogging which will prevent you from seeing things clearly. For this reason, it is significant for the swimming goggles to have the antifogging performance.

3.      Appearance and package

With the upgrading of people’s taste and the spring up of personal style, the swimming goggles are not used only for protecting eyes any more but for meeting the requirements of fashion and beauty. Different people should wear different styles of swimming goggles in different occasions. The shape of swimming goggle should be designed according to the fluid mechanics so as to reduce the resistance in water. In addition, stylish appearance should also be integrated properly. As for colors, black, blue, silver and yellow are better.

If you want to choose a proper pair of swimming goggles you should take the above four aspects into consideration while selecting. Have you remembered them?


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