Sleeping by Putting the Head on the Table is Harmful to Our Eyes

April 13th, 2011 by Randa Nahl Leave a reply »

For office workers, napping is a nice choice after lunch everyday. Especially in summer when the lazy sunshine enters the room through the window and the air conditioner also offers a comfortable temperature. But it is suggested that we should sleep by leaning against the chair or lying on the sofa instead of putting our head on the table which is harmful to our body, especially for our eyes.

Why I put forward the above idea is because sleeping by putting the head on the table will suppress our eyeball. After the siesta there are always such symptoms as temporary blurred vision. That is why so many people feel dizzy and headachy after siesta. If this situation continues for a long term, our intraocular tension will increase and our vision will also be damaged, thus forming high myopia. Meanwhile, the increase of intraocular tension is likely to increase the incidence of glaucoma. For people who have already had the relevant slight symptoms and contact lenses wearers, sleeping by putting the head on the table will have a greater damage.

Sleeping by putting the head on the table will oppress our nerves other than doing harm to our eyes, therefore we often feel anxious or ungrounded while sleeping. Moreover, sleeping by putting the head on the table will affect the normal blood circulation and nerve conduction due to long time oppressing on the arms and face, causing them numb and aching. If these symptoms often occur, local neural paralysis will be caused or the faces will deform. For this reason, if we need to have a siesta, we’d better lie on the sofa if there is in our office; or we can lean against the chair by putting a pillow on it as our support.


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