Bates Method: Natural Cure for Lazy Eye

November 25th, 2009 by William Krause Leave a reply »

There is a good news for people suffering from lazy eye, or say cross eye or strabismus: they don’t have to wear corrective glasses, which makes them awkward, any more, for there is a natural cure for lazy eye. That is Bates Method, a kind of eye exercises developed by Dr. William Horatio Bates during the 1920s.

Dr. Bates creates Bates Method curing eye problems on the principle that eye health is closely related to what happen to the whole body. He holds that the healthy condition of each part in a body can not be separated and some indisposition of certain part may be the inducement of problems of other parts, for example, the eye problems. As a result, Dr. Bates advocates people to go out doing exercises more. The fresh air will do well to both your body health and eye health as well.

Additionally, Dr. Bates thought that one’s state of mind is also concerned with eye health. That is to say, if one is under stress or pressure all the time, his or her eye will be indirectly affected. Thus, Dr. Bates proposes a series of eye exercises to relax eyes, which are believed to be the all-natural method to cure lazy eyes rather than wearing corrective eyeglasses and having surgeries. Therefore, one of the ways to relieve eye problems, of course, including lazy eyes, is to keep up a good state of mind.

If you are still afflicted by lazy eye, why don’t you have a try of Bates Method. For one thing, it is a very safe method; for the other, it costs little. What is more, bates Method has been proved to be able to cure various kinds of eye problems, let alone lazy eye.


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