Bates Method: A Simple Way to Improve Your Eyesight

November 29th, 2009 by Yaron Cheng Leave a reply »

Bates method, developed y Dr. William Horatio Bates during the early 20th Century, is a series of simple eye exercises done to improve eyesight. The emergence of Bates method provides people another way to help them restore eyesight without having an eye surgery. It is especially a good way for those who can not afford eyesight correction surgeries, which are rather expensive.

The principle of Bates method improving eyesight problems is on the basis that eye problems are caused by psychological problems. Dr. Bates, an ophthalmologist, states that stress constitutes the main cause of eye problems as that for psychological problems, therefore the best way to solve the problem is to suit the remedy to the case and relaxation exercises are able to relieve stress and pressure from both the mind and body.

However, the point is that many people do not believe Bates method effective and they prefer to have an eye surgery from which they can get an instant result. That is because they never persist in exercising everyday, for Bates method, like taking Chinese herbal medicine, is a step-by-step process. Surgery, which seems to be effective, actually exist hidden troubles. They safety of a surgery is the first and foremost issue worthy reconsidering. Although it is said that eye surgeries are of high safety, the possibility of eye complications is inevitable, which may result in either slight or sever eye problems, or even completely blindness.

Therefore, no matter whether you have ever tried Bates method or not, if you want to save your money and have safer way to improve your eyesight, Bates method should be the best way for you. As a matter of fact, many people have benefited from Bates method, which proves that without surgery, one is able to improve their eyesight.


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