All about See-Clearly Eye Exercises

November 22nd, 2009 by David Wachler Leave a reply »

On one encountering eyesight problems, either myopia or hypermetropia, it firstly occurs to him/her to choose a solution by wearing glasses, contact lenses or undergoing an eye surgery. Few has ever thought to find a natural way to improve eyesight problems, nor have any ophthalmologist told them. In recent years, a rumour that there are some see-clearly eye exercises to improve eyesight is popular on net and many net friends state that they have tried such exercises and have benefited from it greatly. So today I want to, over this issue, to make a verification that there indeed exists a natural vision therapy that is believed to be able to help correct faulty vision.

This natural vision correction is principle-based on useing eye muscles more to make them stronger and flexible, reducing the power and stress to eyes, in terms of Dr. Bates’ opinion that the main cause of most eyesight problems is stress. This is also the reason why when people get to their 40s, no matter whether they have eyesight problems or not before, they tend probably to have blur vision and need to wear glasses.

Then you may ask where you can get any information concerning specific techniques. Firstly I want to say it is almost impossible to get such information from an ophthalmologist, because in some degree, it affects his/her career. The best place is on Internet where many sites display various specific techniques and a lot people who have gotten tremendous results share their experiences.

All in all, see-clearly eye exercises are able to relax eyes and strengthen eye muscles. As long as you keep on taking exercises everyday, you will certainly be far away from glasses forever. In addition, such eye exercises do no harm to eye health. This is another advantage that it should be more preferable than any other ways to correct vision.


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