The tip of how to properly use contact solution

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As we know, contact solution is a useful and indispensable tool for contact lens to maintain its hygiene, comforts and elasticity. And how to use the contact lens solution properly may still be a question that puzzles many people. We know failure to use contact solution can have a very bad result in damaging your contacts or even your eyes. Here, we will introduce main types of contact solution and the tips for using contact lens solution.

There are a couple of main types of contact lens solution: Multipurpose contact solution is the most popular used as a result of easy use to clean and disinfect the lens. Saline contact lens solution can only wet but not disinfect the lens, so it is recommended to use with a cleaner. Daily cleaning contact solution is applied to the lens daily, which must be gently rubbed for 20 seconds for both lenses. Hydrogen peroxide contact solution is often used as a cleaner and storage solution, but it must be used combined with a neutral saline solution or it may bring hurt to wearers.

How to use contact lens solution appropriately? The following will give some tips:

Be sure to use contact solution recommended by your eye car professional.

Never use the old and used contact lens solution again. Always discard all of the leftover contact lens solution after each use.

Follow the way to rub and rinse your contact lenses directed by your eye care professional.

Don’t use contact solution that has gone beyond the expiration or discard date.

Don’t transfer contact solution into smaller travel size containers, which can affect the sterility of the solution and leads to eye infections.


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