Non prescription contacts need to be prescribed by eye care professionals

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With the popularity corrective color contacts, a new type of lenses called non prescription contacts (plano) came to the cosmetic world. These non prescription color contacts are being enjoyed by trendy women to enhance and brighten the look of their eyes.

The world’s major contacts manufacturers sell high quality non prescription contacts in the market. The most renowned non prescription contacts are FreshLook, Acuvue 2 Colors and Durasoft Colors. Besides these, there are hundreds of other non-brand non prescription contacts in the stores and online stores. But be careful, quality of these no-name non prescription contacts may differ by using different materials and craftsmanship. Furthermore, the paint used on the non prescription color contacts is a chemical and may sometimes be harmful.

There are basically two categories of non prescription contacts, one is opaque lenses which are normally used for dark eyes, the other are enhancers, which are suitable for light eyes. For those who may have night vision problems, please be careful in wearing opaque non prescription color contacts.

Like other contacts, the wearers of non prescription contacts should strictly follow the wearing schedule as the manufacturer’s guide. If the non prescription contacts are not the daily disposable one, you also need to clean those using designated solutions and keep in the lenses cases at night. Another note to mention is that non prescription color contacts are not sunglasses and can’t be shared with friends, as otherwise may cause serious harm to your eyes.

The last note to say is that non prescription color contacts still need to be prescribed by the doctor though the corrective power is zero. Doctors may measure your eye curve and decide the diameter of the non prescription color contacts for you. In addition, even online stores will not sell the non prescription contacts to you if you do not have a valid prescription from your doctor (How to get your prescription).


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