What is Acuvue day?

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Acuvue day, one of the most influential one day disposable contacts, is generally called 1 day Acuvue. As one of the best selling contacts of Vistakon, Acuvue day bears not only the merits in all Vistakon products, but also its own characteristics.

Acuvue day can block harmful UV radiations. This is a feature of all Acuvue lenses. Thereupon, with this 1 day Acuvue, wearers need not to worry that their eyes will be burnt.

Before wearing Acuvue day, people are suggested to do some eye examinations. This procedure is very essential. Though Acuvue day is very safe in its quality, some people may have been suffering some sort of eye diseases. And people are not suggested to wear Acuvue day and any other contact lenses before these diseases are cured.

Like many other Vistakon contact series, there are several products in Acuvue day series. 1 day Acuvue moisture is designed for people with eye dryness; 1 day Acuvue Define is made for cosmetic use; 1 day Acuvue toric is for people with astigmatism, etc. All these Acuvue day products have performed nicely in people’s lives

The peculiar features of Acuvue day can be divided into following two aspects. As its name indicates, 1 day Acuvue is a kind of one-day wear. Each day, people can enjoy the freshness and comfort of wearing a new lens. Such freshness and comfort are mainly reflected in its ability to insulate eyes from metabolic wastes. With 1 day Acuvue, people can feel that everything is new, and life is new as well.

The most outstanding feature that 1 day Acuvue has is that it is very convenient to use. It is not needed for wearers of 1 day Acuvue to use any sort of solutions as before. They need not to buy any cases to store such lens. In a word, 1 day Acuvue needs no maintenance.


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