Some important phases of Acuvue lenses

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There are contacts lenses of all brands that can be bought in the market. However, Acuvue are just some of the most competitive ones. As Acuvue are the products of Vistakon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, few products can even compete with them. Nowadays, Vistakon has only two major competitors, namely, Bausch Lomb and CIBA Vision. That means that there only contact lenses produced by the two companies can compete with Acuvue. The reason is that since the day when Vistakon was launched in 1987, it had endeavored to the research of Acuvue lenses. Hence, Acuvue lenses are always the leading products in the contacts market.

People say that all Acuvue lenses are manufactured in America. But there is one exception—some Acuvue lenses are also produced in Ireland. In 1996, the mangers of Johnson & Johnson decided to launch a company in EU to expand their business of Acuvue lens. Then, the Acuvue lens company was called Vistakon Ireland, one of the 7 Johnson & Johnson subsidiaries in Ireland. Now Vistakon Ireland has become one of the major produce and trade centers of Accuvue lenses.

The year 1997 is very important for Accuvue lens, because it has witnessed a new epoch of contacts industry. In recent years, people began to pay attention to the side-effects of UV rays. Vistakon had considered all such problems. In 1997, Acuvue lenses that can block UV radiations were brought into the market. These Acuvue lenses had occasioned a revolution in contact lenses, and many companies had followed consequently. Even till now, one of the most overriding features of Acuvue lens is its capability of filtering out UV rays.

The year 2005 is very critical for Acuvue lens. Acuvue lens was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in Dec, 2005. Such approval has made the promise that Acuvue lenses are extraordinarily safe to use.


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