History of CIBA vision night & day

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In early times, contact lenses can only be worn in the day time and people have to pick them off at night. Later, there are nigh and day contacts sold at the market. People with night and day contacts need not to handle them every day, for these lenses can be worn at night as well. Several decades have passed since the first night and day contacts appeared. And with the development of rapid technologies, great progress has been made in the manufacturing of night and day contacts. Of which, various categories of night and day contacts sold in the market are typical examples. Among all the night and day contacts, CIBA vision night & day are very outstanding.

The year 1980 was very important for CIBA vision night & day. It was the day when Ciba-Geigy began to step into contacts field and CIBA Vision was established. In 1997, the first CIBA vision night & day contacts had been put into market in Mexico. Later, in 1999, CIBA vision night & day were certificated by the EU selling at the European market. The two events had paved the way for the rapid growth of CIBA Vision, which speeded up the steps developing CIBA vision night & day.

Typically, the permission of EU to wear these contacts for 30 days represented that the manufacturing of CIBA vision night & day had stepped into an upsurge stage. The year 2001 was typically remarkable for CIBA Vision, for the CIBA vision night & day had been certificated by FDA. That meant consumers can wear CIBA vision night & day without worrying any safety problems.

In the following decade, some more series of CIBA vision night & day had been put into the market. Such as, the focus series and O2 OPTIXT were very classic members in the family of CIBA vision night & day.

Nowadays, CIBA vision night & day are very mature products in the market, and are popular among wearers from all walks of life.


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