How to care and clean CIBA Vision lenses?

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CIBA Vision lenses, like other brands of contact lenses, are all made from synthetic materials (silicone hydrogel) which can easily gather up germs and dirt after being worn on the eyes for some time. These germs which can multiply quickly, together with the dirt on the surface on the CIBA Vision lenses, will cause serious infection and contamination of your eyes. Therefore the CIBA Vision lenses need to be cleaned and cared using the compatible solutions to protect the CIBA Vision lenses and your eyes.

CIBA Vision offers different types of solutions to specific type of CIBA Vision contact lens or multi-purpose ones for all types of soft CIBA Vision lenses. Please follow the guidelines provided by the factory. After being properly cared, the CIBA Vision contact lens can be disinfected and resumed to offer clear and comfortable wear the next time your wear it.

One point that can’t be ignored is that you can never use running water or even distilled water to clean and care the CIBA Vision contact lens. As running w CIBA water contains micro-organisms and other minerals, these particles will impact the function of CIBA Vision lenses and will surely cause your eye infection.

After being cleaned and rinsed, CIBA Vision lenses should be stored in the factory approved solutions and lens cases. Please remember the lens cases should also be cleaned and changed periodically to avoid further contaminations.

All these care steps are done to make sure your CIBA Vision lenses can always provide you sharp vision in a healthy way. Unhealthy way of wearing of CIBA Vision lenses will cause unimaginable result.


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