Major types of CIBA contact lenses

March 21st, 2010 by Paul Benjamin Leave a reply »

CIBA contact lenses are the products of CIBA Vision Corp with headquarter in Atlanta GA. Presently CIBA contact lenses have been selling to more than 70 countries in the world, and CIBA Vision offer to the consumers more lens choices than any other suppliers in the industry. CIBA contact lens strives to bring conveniences, comforts, quality, affordability and best possible performance to the consumers.

CIBA contact lens includes some unique types with different features to meet specific needs for different people. The most famous is the branded Air Optix CIBA contact lenses are breathable lenses delivering oxygen and moisture for best comforts. This is the latest CIBA contact lenses products made of silicone hydrogel which give the wearers natural feeling all day. “Night & Day” CIBA contact lenses are another exceptional type which allow the wearers to wear continuously for up to 30 days without removing even at night. This greatly frees the wearers from hassles of using regular CIBA contact lens. “Night & day” is the first lens that was approved by FDA for wearing extended time. “Dalies” CIBA contact lenses are opposite to “Night & Day” which satisfy the needs of those busy people, or those teenagers who are active in sports. This kind of CIBA contact lens offers the clearest possible vision to the people in the most hygienic way.

CIBA contact lens is also the pioneer of color contact lenses both in prescription and plano. This type of lens helps enhance the wearer’s appearance. Esthetic features of CIBA contact lenses are becoming another major consideration.


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