Aviator gold sunglasses from Ray Ban

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Aviator gold sunglasses are just one type of Aviator sunglasses that appear in gold. Since they are manufactured by Ray Ban, you can also call these gold sunglasses Ray Ban gold sunglasses. Aviator-style Ray Ban gold sunglasses have no difference in shape with other models of Aviator sunglasses. Their lenses have an area two or three times the area of the eye socket. All Aviator gold sunglasses have metal frames with either paddles or wire temples that hook behind the ear.

The obvious difference between Aviator gold sunglasses and ordinary Aviators is the special color. Those early Aviator sunglasses worn by pilots and military leaders such as Douglas MacArthur were almost black: black frames and black lenses. Except for structural similarities, Aviator gold sunglasses differentiate themselves significantly from traditional Aviator sunglasses. These Ray Ban gold sunglasses offer more fashion and design concept than traditional Aviators, besides functions such as UV protection. In fact, colorful Aviator sunglasses, including Aviator gold sunglasses, have played an important role in bringing Aviator sunglasses into the public from the military circle.

Aviator-style Ray Ban gold sunglasses are available in two gold sunglasses categories: gold frame sunglasses and gold lens sunglasses.

For Aviator gold sunglasses with gold frames, there are several combinations in lens color. The common ones include green, black, brown and so on. One of the widely accepted models of these Ray Ban gold sunglasses is RB 3025. Another model of these Aviator gold sunglasses is Just Cavalli Shiny Aviator sunglasses with rose gold frame and rose-tinted lenses. Aviator gold sunglasses with silver-mirrored lenses and gold frames also belong to this type.

Aviator-style Ray Ban gold sunglasses with gold lenses may also be your favorite.

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