The uniqueness of Aviators sunglasses

March 13th, 2010 by Edward Turner Leave a reply »

Since its entering into the US military scene in the 1930s, the Aviators sunglasses has undergone an unbelievable process of popularity. Aviators sun glasses have become a classic style and fashionable in their unique way that does not coincide with any other type of sunglasses. Ray Ban, Scheyden and Serengeti sunglasses are the main manufacturers of prevailing Aviators sunglasses while Ray Ban is the creator.

Sunglasses aren’t just needed in summers and timeless Aviators sunglasses excite impressions of adventure, action and romance and offer UV400 protection. But what’s the uniqueness of Aviators sun glasses?

Aviators sunglasses had many functional attractions in their early stages when used by pilots that are still attractive to ordinary people now. The lenses of Aviators sun glasses are large enough to protect the eye socket from the sun’s harsh glare. More importantly, lenses of Aviators sunglasses are normally polarized. The classic type of Aviators sunglasses is the one with dark metal frame and dark lenses that can avoid making direct eye contact under certain circumstances.

One reason for Aviators sunglasses’ popularity lies in the TOP GUN Tom Cruise, a widely enjoyed movie. Then people in all classes include NASA astronauts, police officers, Hollywood actors and students fell in love with Aviators sun glasses. The Aviators sunglasses gain success also because its colorful choices. Currently, Aviators sunglasses with various colors (black, brown, red, white and funky colors) are available. Aviators sun glasses are also provided in a wide range of sizes, materials of frames and lenses. Aviators sunglasses are long enough to comfortably adjust to your ear and wide enough to contour the face.

With these many choices, you can customize your unique Aviators sun glasses in glasses stores and online.


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