Lennon Glasses, Fashion comes out of classics

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Actually, John Lennon was not the first man wore John Lennon glasses. This kind of glasses was introduced in 1880 and remained popular until after World War I. And after 1967, this kind of glasses was also called John Lennon glasses because of John Lennon. Nowadays, there still plenty of people regard Lennon glasses as classical and also fashionable style glasses to wear.

John started wearing this kind of glasses for his role as Private Gripweed in the 1967 movie How I Won the War. After that, John always wore some variation of John Lennon glasses. And John, as a member of the former Beatles, was so famous that wearing John Lennon glasses had become a big hit in those days. Especially in 1969, John with a pair of john Lennon glasses and his girl friend Ono were featured by issue of LOOK magazine on the front page, which further promoted the popularity of Lennon glasses.

Classical characteristics of Lennon glasses are as follows: round lenses, a nose saddle (no nose pads), and temples that loop behind the ear. Modern technology makes people have abundant choices of John Lennon glasses in colors and materials. Lennon glasses come in metal, plastic, silver even gold and so on. Also, Lennon glasses in different colors can be easily offered by dealers. As time goes on, the choices of John Lennon glasses are becoming more and more abundant.

Though John Lennon has been gone, but still a lot of people remember him as a musician and a poet. And Lennon glasses are loved by people as classical ones. In current days, classical ones always mean fashion, so John Lennon glasses can still be popular in young people today.

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