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History of CIBA vision night & day

August 19th, 2010

In early times, contact lenses can only be worn in the day time and people have to pick them off at night. Later, there are nigh and day contacts sold at the market. People with night and day contacts need not to handle them every day, for these lenses can be worn at night as well. Several decades have passed since the first night and day contacts appeared. And with the development of rapid technologies, great progress has been made in the manufacturing of night and day contacts. Of which, various categories of night and day contacts sold in the market are typical examples. Among all the night and day contacts, CIBA vision night & day are very outstanding.

The year 1980 was very important for CIBA vision night & day. It was the day when Ciba-Geigy began to step into contacts field and CIBA Vision was established. In 1997, the first CIBA vision night & day contacts had been put into market in Mexico. Later, in 1999, CIBA vision night & day were certificated by the EU selling at the European market. The two events had paved the way for the rapid growth of CIBA Vision, which speeded up the steps developing CIBA vision night & day.

Typically, the permission of EU to wear these contacts for 30 days represented that the manufacturing of CIBA vision night & day had stepped into an upsurge stage. The year 2001 was typically remarkable for CIBA Vision, for the CIBA vision night & day had been certificated by FDA. That meant consumers can wear CIBA vision night & day without worrying any safety problems.

In the following decade, some more series of CIBA vision night & day had been put into the market. Such as, the focus series and O2 OPTIXT were very classic members in the family of CIBA vision night & day.

Nowadays, CIBA vision night & day are very mature products in the market, and are popular among wearers from all walks of life.

Brief introduction of CIBA Vision

January 15th, 2010

CIBA Vision is the world’s leader in the researching, development and manufacturing of all types of innovative contact lenses, related are products and ophthalmic surgical products. The parent company of CIBA Vision, Novartis, is a Switzerland-based company, which engages in the research and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products for human health and animal health. CIBAVision itself is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, USA.

CIBA Vision was founded in 1980 by CIBA –Geigy in an effort to diversify its business. After the merging of CIBA –Geigy and Sandoz in 1996, Novartis was created. Since then CIBA Vision became the eye care unit of Novartis. Through years of innovation in materials and formulations, CIBA Vision invented a couple of new brands of contact lenses such AIR OPTIX, Night & Day and Dalies. These products are unique and innovative in the industry of contact lenses. The branded “FreshLook” of CIBA Vision is the global leader in the market of color contact lenses. CIBA Vision color contacts offer a wide array of colors, modalities and styles, enhance the wearer’s eyes for cosmetic purpose. CIBAVision also take leading role in the area of les care market by providing the market with unique solution of independent brand names.

The ultimate target of CIBAVision is to provide safe and affordable alternate for people’s vision correction, improve people’s livelihood, making people more beautiful by offering wide selections of eye care products.

What is CIBA Vision Clear Care?

December 22nd, 2009

Just among the large family of Clear Care solution, CIBA Vision Clear Care is one of the typical members. It is common to see that consumers bear special passion to use CIBA Clear Care. As its name indicates, the CIBA Vision Clear Care can make eyes clear, fresh, and comfortable. Especially, washing their contacts with CIBA Clear Care can help to keep the health of eyes.

One of the basic characteristics that CIBA Clear Care has is its ability to get rid of eye waste. As it is known that eyes will produce lots of waste in their process of metabolism, and some of them will be left on contacts. Hence, how to dispose these wastes is a very hard job for many contact wearers. The designers of CIBA Vision Clear Care have taken considerations of all respects and have successfully instilled such merits in CIBA Clear Care. The eye wastes on the lenses can be disposed immediately by CIBA Clear Care.

When using CIBA Vision Clear Care, consumers should strictly follow the product instructions. For some people have made their eyes injured when they use CIBA Clear Care inappropriately.

Among all instructions, to keep the lens in its special case is essential. Some wearers think it matters little to keep the CIBA Clear Care in a common case. Unfortunately, and so, some people have burnt their eyes by the Hydrogen Peroxide, which is used to kill bacteria. It is true that Hydrogen peroxide can help to prevent eyes from being infected by microbes. However, this chemical material in CIBA Clear Care must be broken down before the contacts are to be worn. Because CIBA Clear Care will not react in a common case, in which Hydrogen peroxide will not be broken down and many people have got injured for this reason. Consequently, there is special platinum placing in the special case of CIBA Clear Care. This platinum will react with CIBA Clear Care and the hydrogen peroxide will be completely broken down.

Many regular consumers of CIBA Clear Care deem this solution as their essential parts of lives. Because all people who use CIBA Vision Clear Care can forever enjoy the happiness of not being infected by any bacteria.

Why are CIBA dailies so nice to wear?

December 18th, 2009

It is not until recent years that dailies contact lenses make their emergences. The one that has greatly put forward such products is CIBA Vision. Thereupon, CIBA dailies are considered by many people as revolutionary products in lenses field. As their names indicate, dailies contact lenses can be replaced everyday. And the day when the dailies contact lenses come into being, CIBA has targeted to provide people much fresher, clearer lives everyday. The reasons why people love to wear CIBA dailies are mainly for their high quality and convenience to wear.

CIBA dailies are made from special materials under the guidance of the latest technologies. These dailies contact lenses can provide wearers the greatest comfort. Especially, CIBA dailies can help people solve the problems of allergy. That means people who has very sensitive eyes can also wear these dailies contact lenses freely without worrying any problems of allergies.

Another special feature that CIBA dailies have lies in their convenience. Traditional contacts are in need of careful maintenances, or they will be harmful to use. However, wearers of CIBA dailies need not to do such troublesome things. For these dailies contact lenses can be replaced everyday. Hence, consumers no longer need to store and clean their lenses in care solution everyday if they choose CIBA dailies.

CIBA dailies can make eyes much cleaner. Though there are so many wastes produced by eyes, these dailies contact can help to dispose. Moreover, because they are replaced everyday, there will be no waste left on them.

Some people think CIBA dailies are very expensive. In fact, these dailies contact lenses are relatively cheap, so that many people can afford them. This is all for the reason that the special technologies have made the manufacturing costs rather low.