Detailed explanation of the parts of glass frames

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Modern technology has brought us diversified materials and styles of glass frames. You may choose a durable and nearly indestructible nylon glass frame if you are sports active, or you can have a designer glass frame if you are fashion conscious. The present glass frames industry has generously offered both function and beauty for the human being. Here are the detailed explanations of all the parts of the glass frame.

“Frame front” is the front part of the whole glass frames that includes the part for holding the lenses and the middle bridge for connecting the two rims.

“Rims” or “eye wires” are the two round or square parts of the glass frame with grooves for inserting the holding the lenses.

“Bridge” is the front middle part of glass frames which connects the two lenses as a whole unit. Some old fashioned glass frame has double bridges with another one at the top. This reinforcing bridge strengthens the glass frames, making it firmer.

“End pieces” are the two end parts of the glass frame front normally with hinges on the two ends for attaching the two temples.

‘Hinges” are the two parts attached to the two end pieces of the glass frames front which connect the front and temples. Some fashion glasses don’t have hinges.

“Temples” are the two arms hooking on the two ears enabling the whole glass frame to perch still on the nose.

“Nose pads” are the two plastic or silicone pads that touch the nose. For plastic glass frames, the nose pads are directly connected to the rim; for metal glass frame, the nose pads are at the end of the pad arms—– the two thin curved wires.

“Pad arms” are only available on the metal glass frames, which are two piece of metal wires attaching the nose pads to the frame.

“Top bar” is the reinforcing bridge which can only be seen on the double bridge glass frame.

“Temple tips” is the end part of the temple touching the ears. For metal glass frames, the temple tips are apparent which can be seen as the plastic covers over the metal tips. For plastic glass frame, the temple tips are just the extended part of the temple hooking at the ears.

“Mountings” or ‘rimless frames” are the three-piece mountings which include the two temples and the bridge. Strong lenses are usually used to attach the temples and the bridge by screws to form the shape of the eyeglasses.


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