An Interesting Eyeglasses Deal

February 27th, 2011 by Richard Schneider Leave a reply »

I was attracted by a piece of interesting news when I was surfing the internet today. It said there were several men peddling clairvoyant glasses to the passerby on the street, with billboards in their hands. After knowing this, a journalist intended to counsel with the peddlers about the clairvoyant glasses as a buyer.

When the journalist asked one of the peddlers why he sold such high-tech eyeglasses on the street the peddler answered, “Clairvoyant glasses are banning products, so any deals related to them can only be done by telephone instead of at the counters.” The journalist was very surprised since he had never heard such interesting eyeglasses deals. Afterwards, the peddler called the seller and agreed to examine the goods at a digital mall. The appearance of the clairvoyant glasses brought by the seller was similar to the common sunglasses. After trying it on, the journalist found that it had the same visual effect with the ordinary sunshades. The seller explained immediately, “It will not work unless you spray such special potion.”

However, when the journalist required the seller to spray the potion on the glasses to check if it really worked, he was told that he must buy the eyeglasses by paying $1,200 before trying the potion. The journalist was not satisfied and about to leave. The seller told him there was another kind of infrared clairvoyant camera which could penetrate the clothes of the women, so as to photograph their bodies surreptitiously. But the price of such cameras was more than $10,000.

The experts indicate that the wave length of the infrared light is longer than that of the visible light, therefore, by using the infrared light filtering device, the clothes will become translucent and the body will seem to be naked. But it is illegal to do this. The clairvoyant glasses sold by the peddlers are not supported by any scientific evidence; hence the so-called clairvoyant glasses are all deceptious.


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