Yinchuan Ferrets out Knock off RayBan Eyeglasses

February 25th, 2011 by Brian Wallace Leave a reply »

Just because of the difference of two letters, it is difficult for the customers to distinguish a pair of knock off RayBan eyeglasses. On September 16th, the Industrial and Commercial Bureau Suboffice of Xingqing in Yinchuan City ferreted out more than 900 pairs of RayBan knock off eyeglasses according to the report.

In early September, the Zhenguan Intellectual Property Agency Ltd. complains to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Yinchuan that knock off Rayban eyeglasses with high simulation degrees are found in Yinchuan’s market. Each pair of these knock off eyeglasses is sold at 200~300 Yuan, however the authentic RayBan glasses are priced at 900~3,000 for each.

Yesterday, the Industrial and Commercial Bureau Suboffice of Xingqing in Yinchuan ferreted out a large amount of RayBan eyeglasses counterfeits at the East Xinhua Street, North Yuhuangge Street, South Gulou Street, Yinchuan Mall, etc. These glasses are almost the same with the authentic if judged from their appearances and the only difference is that the letters on the trademark of the counterfeit are “Rag・Bau” which are quite similar with that of the Ray.Ban eyeglasses manufactured by Italy Luxottica Group. This is a suspect of infringing the Italy company’s exclusive right to use trademark.

According to the investigation of the law enforcement officers, the knock off Ray.Ban eyeglasses that have been ferreted out are produced by Hongyun Eyeglasses Factory of Linhai in Zhejiang Province and the labels are sticked by the distributor itself. The law enforcement officers have withheld these knock off eyeglasses. At present, the case is under further investigation.


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