Getting to Know Different Types of Eyeglasses Frames

February 10th, 2011 by Ray Didia Leave a reply »

If you go to optical stores for eyeglasses, you may be surprised at so many options available. Just from the aspect of eyeglasses frames only, thousands of choices are within your reach. Perhaps that is one reason why many fashion followers are so fond of purchasing stylish glasses for they can ways of looking. With different stylish eyeglasses, they can become the focus of surrounding.

The materials of eyeglasses frames vary a lot than those in the past time. In the past, the metal and plastic are the main trend on the market. Nowadays, with the rapid growth of the optical industry, many newborn styles come into appearance in public for instance, mixed materials, memory metal, titanium, memory plastic eyeglasses. They are quite common nowadays. These new types are quite hot in eyeglasses wearers.

I take titanium frames as an example. There are many advantages for wearing this kind of glasses. Titanium is a high technology material that offers lighter, more durable eyeglasses than other metal frames. Because of the features of titanium, they are quite lightweight than other kinds. They are durable and stretchable as well. Its non – corrosive properties help eliminate discoloring of the eyeglasses. So many people like to wear them. Correspondingly, the prices of them are not cheap.

The types of eyeglasses frames includes full frame, semi-rimless, rimless, spring hinge and so on. They have their own different features. The full frame eyeglasses are popular among the young. They thought their personality can perfectly expressed with this kind of frames. They can improve their features and achieve fashion look just like Harry Potter.

Semi-rimless frames are quite popular among adults. The top of the frame is thin wire and it is connected to the lens. The bottom half is completely rimless. As fro rimless ones, they have a thin gold or silver wire frame and the lens is completely rimless. They are quite popular with different age groups from male to female, from young to old.

The types of eyeglasses frames are the light spot of the eye wears. Since there are so many options for the wearers to choose from, the eyeglasses wearers are glad to change the frames according to different occasions. If you haven’t seen the scene before, you can go to optical stores and have a look!


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