Replacing Eyeglasses Nose Pads is just a Piece of Cake!

February 16th, 2011 by Sam Sutton Leave a reply »

A pair of quality eye wear is usually at high prices. Sometimes it is inevitable to have them damaged in some parts. If just because of the small flaws on them, you have to get another new pair, it is really a waste of money. If you know how to replace them, it will give you great help in protecting. This article tells how to replace eyeglasses nose pads. I believe it will be of great use for many wearers.

Nose pads are eyeglass accessories that separate the wearer’s nose from the glasses rim; small and hidden between the frame and face. They are usually made in plastic to protect nose from the pressure from frames. It is much more comfort to wear with them. So it is a very important small part in a pair of eye wear.

When we wear glasses, swear residue may cause the nose pad to be dirty and turn yellow or green after a long time. So it is necessary to clean them on a regular basis. Remove nose pads of the glasses and clean them with soft and clean cloth. Scrub them with the mildest soap you have accessible, as extremely strong soaps can strip the eyeglass nose pads of their defensive coatings. Or the dirt on them can’t be cleaned. After you clean them completely, it is time to replace them as usual.

Sometimes, your eyeglasses nose pads may be broken, are you willing to replace them or buy a new one? We all know that a new pair is quite dear. But replacing nose pads only will cost little. They will be as comfortable as a new one. There are some tips in replacing nose pads. Firstly, a clean area is necessary for the tiny things can be found easily. Secondly, remove the old nose pads with a screwdriver. Then, clean your glasses totally. Lastly, replace the new nose pads on the glasses and turn the screw clockwise slowly, or they will be destroyed. Now, you can wear your eyeglasses now!

Actually, it is difficult to replace the eyeglasses nose pads. Some necessary tools are necessary including a piece of soft cloth, screwdriver. So when you face the same problem in the future, you can try to deal with them without spending extra money in optical stores.


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