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about round glasses

June 12th, 2015

Round glasses as the name indicated that the curved frames are equally wide and tall. Round glasses may be worn for fashion or vision correction. First popularized in the 1960s by the hippie movement and more recently by the literary character Harry Potter. These round eyeglasses look best on angular face shapes as well as square faces because they can soften square faces and strong jawlines. Besides, they are also ideal for people with oblong, and heart-shaped faces. However, the round glasses is not an ideal kind of glasses for round faces.

Round glasses come in several different styles including rimless and sunglasses. Lifestyle and activity level as well as prescription strengths should be considered when it comes to choose round eyeglasses. Round eyeglasses are available in wire-rimmed frames, tortoiseshell, and plastic in bold and delicate colors. Many designers offer sunglasses with round lenses. The wearer should choose a hue that contrasts and flatters skin tone and hair color. A cool skin tone looks best with cool colors like blue, silver, plum, and a darker tortoise. Warm tones can wear gold, copper, red, peach, and a lighter, blond tortoise.

In addition to John Lennon, some other famous wearers of round eyeglasses include George Burns, Dominick Dunne, and Mohandas Gandhi. Folk singer John Denver also wore round glasses, making them popular well into the 1970s. In 1997, author J.K. Rowling released the first Harry Potter book, and the black-haired boy wizard with the round lenses started a new eyewear craze. No matter what frame style is chosen, round eyeglasses give the wearer a distinctive look.

To be a Harry Potter by Wearing Harry Potter Glasses

July 26th, 2011

The release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 marks the emotional climax of an era and is laden with almost insurmountable expectations. Decades years ago, a litter boy named Harry was born. Now, in 2011, with the seventh film of Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II, appearing on the screen, and the love for Harry is going on over ten years. From the first book to the end, the image of a boy with a pair of  Harry Potter glasses is deeply impressed in the whole word. Like his shirt, wand and as well as his fancy dress, the glasses is also a fashionable accessory.


Nowadays, when talk about the round glasses, the first person people think is Harry, no matter he is an adult or a child. Every person wants to be Harry Potter, to be a magician. Then the Harry Potter glasses come out. People, both the adults and the children, who are interested in Harry Potter, like to experience Harry Potter’s eyeglasses. Even in the UK, a contest named “The Most Similar to Harry Potter” was held by a group of Optometrists and a number of Harry-fans took part in the contest.

The designation of Harry Potter glasses is very simple: a round frame( always black ). The lens has no certain pattern. The point is the round frame. Some people think that the glasses make Harry Potter seem smarter, and others think they make Harry handsome. No matter what, Harry Potter glasses is in popular.

A new kind of Harry Potter glasses is getting in fashion. This type of glasses is just a black round frame without lenses. A lot of people, including children and grow-ups, like to show their photos with the new type of Harry Potter glasses and those pictures are attracted a lot of attention in public. Most people think it’s very cute!

Round Eyeglasses—The Tool of Cute

January 9th, 2011

Honestly speaking, I don’t like these retro round glasses many years ago. When I was a child, I often went to see films with elders; I didn’t know why they liked to add round sunglasses to their face. Originally, they had gentle faces, and looked a little funny wearing them. For Asian people, they have flat face and comparatively small round eyeglasses will make their face look more wide and large. So, it is long time for me to think that many people are not suitable to wear round eyewear.

It is about several decades since John Lennon made them receive high popularity. A few years later, they have become popular again. Maybe, I have changed with time flies, and I think that these round eyeglasses seem to be attractive as well. It is probably that I have watched TV and surf the Internet too often and have used to see them.

To some degree, Lady Gaga has made some people change their mind about round glasses. If there weren’t these glasses, she will not look good. Wearing these glasses makes her create a surprising effect. Fashionable designers are also concerned about these round glasses. If you want to start trying, perhaps you can wear large sized round sunglasses at first. As long as your face is not round enough, you can have a try.

Some people like the sense of cute that round eyeglasses show. And the round frame eyeglasses will be the first choice of fashion fans in this year, and have the popular trend. To being cute or lovely, you might as well try round shaped eyeglasses.

Round Eyeglasses may be Popular in the Next Year

December 30th, 2010

In general, a single product must have one feature of the following three factors and it may become fashionable. First of all, they receive prominent billing by brand name manufacturers. Secondly, they are guided by celebrities and many ordinary people will follow the trend. Thirdly, retro style has been popular once again. From the current trend, round glasses have been more than three factors.

In aspect of brands of manufacturers, more and more brand names begin to invest in the area. Like Chanel, Ray-Ban, Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith launched the flagship of glasses styles in next year, and all of them are at least round framed eyeglasses. It has proved that the trend of fashion is difficult to refine. Nobody will think that these round eye glasses will receive high popularity once again.

As for the celebrities, Hollywood stars and the French luxury are an important origin of the international trend. These figures are widely concerned and they have begun to wear round frame glasses. Both the older and the young can have access to these glasses.

From the review of retro, the most powerful Pu Yi liked these round glasses. And scholars like Xu Zhimo loved the modern round eyeglasses most. In modern time, it is undoubtedly that Harry Potter like them most.

Combined with the above factors, perfectly round eyeglasses are likely to be a necessary accessory in the next year. If you wear these glasses now, you will be a fashionable figure in a small group.

Round glasses for square faces

August 10th, 2010

Round glasses should go with square or oblong face shape. The selection criterion of round eyeglass is different with that of frame colors. If you have dark hair such as black or brown, dark glasses frames are suitable. For people who have light hair or like light colored clothes, light glasses frame is the right choice. This principle is also applied to eyebrow color and eye color. Nevertheless, the frames shape performs in a nearly opposite way: round glasses for square face, rectangular eyeglass for round face etc… This is some kind of a compromise. Most of the round glasses fans obey this rule, including Ghandi. This writing introduces both round glasses and rectangular glasses, which represent the two extremes.

A round face has the same width and length. Rectangular or geometric glasses are needed to create some angles of a round face. If you choose round eyeglass, the curvilinear lines will be magnified. As a result, the round glasses will surely make the round face extremely round. Of course, most of the people do not need this effect. Round glasses should also be avoided on near round faces such as oval and heart faces. Round eyeglass will never balance their smooth lines.

A square face has an obvious jaw line and a broad forehead. Round glasses are perfect to break the same proportion between the width and length of this face shape. Round eyeglass can make square face look longer. Since square faces have strong angles, round glasses do help in softening them. Round glasses also fit oblong faces. Just remember that round eyeglass matches the opposite face shapes. Besides round eyeglass, narrow frame styles and frames with more width than length play a similar role.

Round eyeglasses for square-shaped faces

June 27th, 2010

In the eyeglasses world, there is a classic and popular style that is known as round eyeglasses. Coming in one of the basic eyewear frame shapes, round spectacles have maintained their popularity among various groups of people, including artists, actors, writers, musicians and inventors. In detail, celebrities who have used this type of eyeglasses contain Benjamin Franklin, Gandhi, Philip Johnson and John Lennon. In addition, round glasses are not for men and women only. Children of any age can get satisfied with this style. The best example is Harry Potter who first entered the scene with his round eyeglasses in 1997. Of course, eyeglass products in the eyewear market are not limited to those in a round shape. And the popularity of this typical style is deeply rooted. Round means the shape like a circle or a ball. This can be seen widely in other objects in our surrounding environments. Many things are designed into this shape. Yet a more convincing explanation is quite probably associated with the wearers’ facial shape.

Shopping for a pair of prescription eyewear at a local store or an online shop, it is necessary to match a target eyeglass frame to personal face shape. Some people may think it is acceptable to try on every favorite pair in the store and thus get how each one looks. This is theoretically feasible but is practically time-consuming. Determining personal facial shape and coloring in advance would help in narrowing down choices, making the purchase an efficient one. In simple worlds, round eyeglasses can go well with a large group of people all over the world. But this is not the best choice for everyone. Evaluating frame shape, a guideline should better to be followed that the frame shape needs to contrast with the user’s face shape.

A round pair of eyeglasses has same proportions with width and length and does not have angles. The edge of the frame is wrapped by curved lines. Knowing these features and the guideline mentioned before, we can make it clear that round eyeglasses will complement best with people who have a square-shaped face. The facial features of this group of people can be well offset and compromised by a round frame.

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Prevailing round eyeglasses

April 25th, 2010

As the name implies, round eyeglasses are glasses that have round eyeglass frames and round lenses. In fact, round eyeglasses are the original eyeglasses design. They were the only shape in the early 20th century. Therefore, there were some celebrities who wore round eyeglasses in history, such as Dominic Dunne, Ghandi, Ozzy Osbourne, George Burns and David Letterman. But now, many movie stars, sports athletes, authors also pick them as their favorite. To some content, round eyeglasses represent simple, natural, honest and intelligent.

Round eyeglasses are available in great styles like handmade plastic, 14K gold rimless, funky dark tortoise, vintage black and so on. You can find round eyeglass frames combined with classic bridge and nose pads, polo covered temples and many other styles. Airlite, Pilate, Boston and Winston are some of the well-known round eyeglasses manufacturers. There are several popular round eyeglasses. The Chakra round eyeglasses have spring hinges that are durable. You can clip sunshades onto Chakra round eyeglass frames. Made in Europe, Anglo American round eyeglasses are the ideal plastic ones. The round eyeglass frames of them are made of top quality materials.

Round eyeglass frames are suitable for those with square or oblong face. Square or oblong faces have obvious angles. Rectangular frames will intensify them. So round eyeglasses frames are the right things to soften these angles.

Fans of round eyeglasses expect them to be perfectly round, rather than diamond or oval shapes.